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Because Life isn’t all soap bubbles and unicorns

Midnight Soul
Summary: A case gone wrong and Ray is falling apart. A whirlwind of hurt and grief and Fraser is right there at the center of the storm, trying to pick up the pieces
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: It’s dark… but there’s hope and love and an ending that won’t make you cry. It also really depends on your point of view but it might be seen as dubious consent, just so you know…
The Lord of the Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows
Summary: Ray’s been wanting Fraser forever and his control over his desires is gradually slipping. And knowing that he is obsessed doesn’t mean he can stop himself. One night, the door to Fraser’s room is open an inch.
Rating: R
Warnings: somnophilia!kink; non-con insinuated
The Trick Is to Stop Breathing
Summary: A follow-up of the story Release Me – One year later, Ray stars in his own personal nightmare. And this time, his captor won’t be satisfied quite so easily.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  non-con, dub-con, non-consensual drug use, knife-play, breath-play, hypoxia, trauma


Because Why Take the Easy Way If There’s a Longer One

– Everything from 10.000 to ∞ words –

Coming Home (Show me the Way)
Summary: Fraser is living alone in Canada after Ray went back to Chicago. Missing Ray, drowning in loneliness, and choking on regrets Fraser tries to accept that this is going to be his life from now on. Then Ray calls. And luckily for Fraser, happiness can be damn persistent
Rating: R
Warnings: Companion piece to You Can Sit Beside Me When the World Comes Down. Can stand alone as post-CotW story though
Length: ~ 29.500
Da Capo
Summary: Some things are simply fated to be. And fate won’t listen to rational reasoning or fear of rejection. If need be, fate will repeat itself. Over and over (it’s very patient). Until the last stubborn star-crossed lover has realized that some things are meant to be (which doesn’t mean that fate will stop pestering them – it never knew when to stop).
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 22.500
Erections and Other Dysfunctions
Summary: Ray suffers – inexplicably – from *gasp* erectile dysfunction. Inexplicably, really? Do you know how your subconscious has this tendency to hit you about the head with the truth from time to time?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PrOn with Plot
Length: ~ 23.000
Finishing Touches
Summary: Ray knows he has some, uhm, slightly obsessive tendencies when it comes to love. He also knows that having those kinda feelings for your partner is bad news. But what’s he supposed to do? So he does the only thing he can think of: Find a hobby. Stay occupied. Keep the fingers busy. Ray joins a drawing course and is delighted to find out that all goes according to plan; it really takes his mind off things. Until Fraser appears in class. As model. And suddenly Ray realizes that drawing is one hell of a personal business.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Uh… long? Really long?
Length: ~ 49.200
How To Spell Commitment
Summary: Ray foolishly declares that he’s looking for a fuck-buddy and Fraser volunteers
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: chliché!fic
Length: ~ 10.700
Mixed Signals
Summary: Ray thought there was something between Fraser and him so he kissed him… obviously Fraser wasn’t exactly on the same page. Maybe Fraser had an advantage when it came to denial? And now Ray has to spend the next few days locked up in a cabin with him, oh joy
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 42.000
Of Ivory Towers – Or Red Is the Color of Innocence
Summary: Fraser’s sick and tired of everyone treating him as naive and quixotic. Enter cocktease!Fraser, thick on innuendos and flirtatious behavior – never impolite, though. The victim? Ray Kowalski, obviously. The result? Hot sex, hopefully. The methods? You know what they say: All’s fair in love and war
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 17.900
Paper Heart
Summary: AU in which Vecchio never got replaced by Kowalski. Instead, Fraser tries to cope with loneliness and happens to make the acquaintance of RayK anyway. But there’s something about Ray that makes Fraser wonder if he can trust his senses…or if he has to trust his heart instead
Taking the magic realism of the 20th century t.o the next level ^^
Rating: NC-17 
Length: ~ 67.000
Warnings: het!sex between RayK/other, but it leads to Fraser/RayK 
Rumor Has It…
Summary: Did you honestly think there were never rumors going around about Fraser and Ray? – of course there were! And Fraser can’t help but overhear – what with his stupid bat ears and everything. Join him on a quest for evidence, follow him on the road to self-realization and help him come up with a cunning plan (he’s going to need it)
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 41.000
Summary: Ray and Fraser go undercover. And then the assignment turns gay—but apparently, Fraser is quite comfortable with that. Which, as it turns out, comes as a real eye-opener to Ray.
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 39.000
Warnings: gay!undercover cliché (among others ^^)
Start of Something Good
Summary: The bullet in Fraser’s spine shifts and the surgery they had not wanted to risk when he got hit becomes a necessity if he doesn’t want to end in a wheelchair. There are no guarantees for a full-recovery and sometimes it’s not only the physical wound that has to heal. At least he has Ray trying to hold on to what they have, but it’s not always easy when the person you’re trying to save doesn’t see that it might be worth it
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 58.250
Warnings: Established relationship
Swimming Pool Anonymous
Summary: After his divorce Ray is at a loss for what to do with himself. He decides to prove something to himself – he will learn how to swim. How lucky for him that Canadians are weird(ly) friendly and that Fraser has a deep-rooted need to lend a helping hand. A story of self-discovery, pushing limits, and – most of all – chemistry.
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~27.200
Warnings: AU, post-divorce!Ray, canon divergence, first time
This Side of Perfect
Summary: Ray Kowalski starts dating again, however, he can’t stop thinking about Fraser. And since when has he been thinking about Fraser in that way anyway? But he’s not going to risk their friendship for it. He’s not. Honestly… or at least not in the beginning
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 39.000
Written in the Skin
Summary: The buddy breathing incident leaves Ray with the epiphany of a life time and in his struggle to cope with it he decides to get another tattoo… and Fraser obviously never got the memo that curiosity killed the cat ^^
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 16.800


Because Everyone Needs a Cotton Candy Moment

Confessions Are Good for the Soul
Summary: Ray stumbles over Fraser’s journal and unerringly finds the page where Fraser confesses his love for Ray
Rating: PG
Let Mercy Come
Summary: 5 times Ray felt out of his depth (and 1 time he needn’t have)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: It’s not ‘fluff’ as in achingly sweet or anything. But it’s short and the ending more than makes up for any non-fluffiness in the overall plot
Once Upon a Time
Summary: Ray wants to tell turtle a bedtime story so he tells the story of the Sleeping Mountie…Beauty, Sleeping Beauty
Rating: PG


Because Categories Are Overrated

Facing the Facts
Summary: Ray had only agreed to help Fraser out. But Fraser had said nothing about standing on a stage in front of thousands of people. Fraser had also neglected to mention that it was an all-female band
Rating: PG
Warnings: This is a short excerpt or summary of a longer story I have in mind. I’ll link to the complete fic once it’s finished
Guts and Glory
Summary: No one has ever asked Ray why he always jumped head first into the situations Fraser dragged him into. Maybe Ray isn’t just blindly taking a leap. Maybe Ray has his own agenda for sticking his neck out… maybe it’s time to come clean.
Rating: PG
Warnings: No slash! Ray-centric

North – Ray Kowalski Style
Summary: Did you ever wonder how episode 2×01 would have played out if Fraser had been partnered with Kowalski then?
Rating: PG
Warnings: Gen, no slash ^^


Because That’s the Way the Story Goes

Coming Home (Show Me The Way)
See: Epic for more information
30 Seconds
Summary: Ray breaks through the ice and starts to fall – it’s really true what they say, your life really flashes before your eyes when you’re about to die. He realizes there is only one thing he really regrets: all he wants is a second chance to tell Fraser how he feels
Rating: PG
Incandescent Cold
Summary: Ray’s really only enjoying the joined sleeping bags for innocent comfort… his erection is purely incidental, no, really
Rating: NC-17
You Can Sit Beside Me When the World Comes Down
Summary: They’ve said their goodbyes and now, as Ray is walking towards his gate at the airport Fraser reflects upon their time together and just how much this man means to him
Rating: PG
Warnings: If you need a happy end, you better read the Sequel Coming Home (Show Me the Way) right after this


Because Who Needs a Plot Anyway

– all are NC-17 –

Behind Red Doors
Summary: Now and again Ray pays for sex—it’s easier than some of the alternatives. But one day Fraser finds out. Follow Fraser down the spiral of possessiveness and jealousy until desperation finally forces him into action… and are things even always what they seem?
Warnings: jealous!Fraser, alpha!Fraser
Bound by Desire
Summary:Ray doesn’t want to talk? No problem. Fraser has other means to make Ray face the facts.
Warnings: dubious consent, rimming, alpha!Fraser
Learning the Hard Way
Summary:Fraser obviously doesn’t get it so Ray has to take drastic measures to make Fraser understand something vital
Warnings: Spanking, BDSM, rimming, toys…
Learning the Ropes
Summary: Ray wanted Fraser to teach him a few knots. He hadn’t expected to get tied up in it quite so much. Or that he wouldn’t even mind—quite the opposite in fact.
Warnings: written for the kink_bingo #5, kink: ropes/chains
Let There Be Light
Summary: Whenever Ray’s crush on Fraser becomes too much he goes to a certain club and to a certain room… only this time he might have unwittingly found more than he bargained for
Warnings: Anonymous sex, darkroom
Opposites Attract
Summary: Ray tries to remember all the reasons why a relationship with Fraser is a really bad idea

Release Me
Summary: Ray is being held prisoner. Why? One might say he has an admirer. The ransom? Fraser just has to do as Ray’s captor says. Easy, right?
Warnings: Fuck or Die
The Trick Is to Stop Breathing
Summary: A follow-up of the story Release Me – One year later, Ray stars in his own personal nightmare. And this time, his captor won’t be satisfied quite so easily.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  non-con, dub-con, non-consensual drug use, knife-play, breath-play, hypoxia, trauma


Because You Can Get Your Man… in Less Than 5.000 Words

A Horizon for Every Planet in the Universe
Summary: Ray thinks about all the ways in which Fraser changed his life, a prompt taken to its literary extreme
Rating: PG
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Summary: On the day Ray and Fraser are both going their different ways after the quest Ray has one chance to get together with Fraser… but he’s too late
Rating: PG
The Best of Me
Summary: Ray unsuccessfully asks Fraser out on a date but Fraser has always pushed Ray to his level best – so Ray tries harder
Rating: PG
The Five O’s
Summary: Ray leaves his stuff everywhere and it’s annoying the hell out of Fraser… until he stumbles over something quite intriguing
Rating: NC-17

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