♦ 17-09-2012 ♦

My, where did the time go? I apologize profusely for not keeping you better up to date. A new story is finished (67k) and it’s an established!relationship, h/c story in which the bullet in Fraser’s spine shifts and it’s the beginning of a rocky ride. This story, however, is part of the LJ Big Bang Challenge and as such it won’t be revealed before the 7th of October. 
I have another story finished, called Skydeep (another epic with 40k), and that one is currently being beta-ed. It consists of 8 chapters so you’ll get it in parts as soon as it’s ready.
Tata for now,

♦ 27-03-2012 ♦

Well, I did start writing the dead!Bob story, but then Let Mercy Come elbowed its way to the front and after that came a completely crazy-assed, epic story idea I just couldn’t resist. It’s another one of those stories that got inspired by my academic research and I hope it will be as worthwhile as Written in the Skin even though it’s length will be more along the lines of Finishing Touches. Anyway, it’ll be slightly fantastic with lots of angst and interspersed with diary entries and I’ll post it in installments of a chapter per week. Starting with the end of this one.

♦ 01-03-2012 ♦

Ha! All published! What do you say to that? Yeah, congratulations 😀 I hope you’re all having a brilliant 2012 so far and that my story might make the start just that bit better for you. The next story is already halfway finished in my head. It’ll be a sweet piece featuring dead!Bob as unintentional cupid, oblivious!Fraser, and a Ray who believes that Fraser finally made a move. Title will be something along the lines of ‘A Question of Parenting’… or something 😉 
Set sail in a general that way direction,

♦ 01-02-2012 ♦

My… has it been this long already? Oh dear. I’m terribly sorry for the awfully long wait. I did write a longer piece for this year’s dSSS which is called ‘Da Capo’ and is finally online. Finishing Touches is indeed in beta at the moment and will be up and running in the next couple of days – it’s also a gigantuan piece of work with almost 50.000 words! So beware! I also have a couple more story ideas so there will be more to come. Be patient and kind, though, as I’m having exams at the end of the month. 
Happy New Year,

♦ 09-28-2011 ♦

Finishing Touches is half-way finished and I have another little piece up my sleeve that is going to be ready in the next few days (featuring cute!Ray, helpless!Ray, yearning!Fraser, and murderous plants). My very dear Surya and Ride4ever are such great inspiration that I’m almost drowning in plotbunnies. The only thing missing, as always, is time.
Stuck behind the keyboard,

♦ 08-26-2011 ♦

Okay, okay… I should stop promising stories as long as there’s always another plotbunny begging for attention. Instead of Finishing Touches you get a Sequel to You Can Sit Beside Me When the World Comes Down called Coming Home (Show Me the Way). This one was long overdue anyway… I felt bad for leaving Fraser miserable for such a long time. Consider this a treat before my summer holiday. I won’t be posting much of anything for the next 3 weeks since I’ll be touring around South-East Asia. You will get the cover and maybe a short glimpse of Finishing Touches if I can find internet somewhere along the way ^^

♦ 08-09-2011 ♦

Finally, Rumor Has It… is finished 🙂 My exams still aren’t but there’s not much I can do about that except for moving on. I know, I told you something about a jealous!Fraser story and you get that in the nearer future. I’ve also started on another project in which Ray starts drawing and Fraser becomes his favorite subject. It’ll be called Finishing Touches and surya did an awesome cover for that one, too. You’ll just wait and see.
Don’t be a stranger,

♦ 07-21-2011 ♦

Tadaa! I’ve finally posted the first chapter of Rumor Has It… – I’m so proud of me ^_~
My exams are still breathing down my neck but I’m halfway through already. I’ve started on another story a few days ago and I’m just adding the finishing touches at the moment. Nothing as dark as Midnight Soul, no worries. It’s got jealous!Fraser though if that’s your personal kink XD
So long,

♦ 07-15-2011 ♦

I have exams at the moment and I was a little stressed out so a little piece took shape called Midnight Soul. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the last story I’ve promised you – that one’s still coming. Consider it a snack… or a very disturbed glance into my mind when it’s under stress
Pray for me, Tatau

♦ 07-06-2011 ♦

I’m in the last stages of writing the final chapter of Mixed Signals – that’s one long and rather unexpected story coming to an end.
The newest project is Rumor Has It…
It will have three parts and is mostly my personal reasoning on why this show has such a strong homoerotic subtext. Basically the question is this: Do you honestly believe that there hadn’t been rumours about Fraser and Ray at the 27th? What if there had been and Fraser accidentally overheard a bit of the gossip? A quest for evidence starts that will cost some honesty with himself on Fraser’s part and a foolproof seduction scenario.

♦ 05-03-2011 ♦

April is finished and so is the April Fools’ challenge on livejournal.
This means I have time to do other stuff than small prompts. In short, I am going to finish the two stories that I’ve started over the course of the challenge (namely the Of Ivory Towers and the Mixed Signals series) first.
After that… I have a few more ideas up my sleeve and I’ll keep you updated in due time 🙂
So enjoy what I’ve managed to finish so far and – please – leave some feedback so that I know I’m not just doing this for myself 😉

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