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All of the stories here belong to the Due South fandom.

If you’ve never heard of this TV show than you have definitely missed out on something, but don’t worry it is never too late to broaden your horizon.

You can find all of Tatau’s stories by name on the right hand side – or you could simply look through the categories to pick one by length or rating.

All of the stories here (so far) are Fraser/Ray Kowalski centric. So if male on male action isn’t your thing this might not be the best place for you to be.

Feel free to look through the other stuff although it has nothing whatsoever to do with Due South. You can go and have a look at my travel blog or at my older fanfictions but it’s all in German, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Please respect the ratings. If you’re old enough to read this, you’re definitely old enough to understand the ratings. Every story is rated between PG (for all ages) and NC-17 (for adults only). You’re the reader and I think that you should be able to choose what you read but I don’t take any responsibility if you choose to ignore the ratings.

If you have a Livejournal account and want to friend me or talk a bit more you can go straight ahead 🙂


Oh, and here’s probably the most important bit: Why do I even write in this fandom? Here it comes:

Ten Things I Love About This Fandom

  1. The characters have a real life feel to them; they get hurt, act dumb, get passionate, …lonely, and they grow old, just like the rest of us
  2. It’s open-minded, a real free for all: we accept deaf half-wolfs, ghost dads, men in drag, retired spies with metal plates in their heads to receive calls, dead guys in drywalls, mob guys with an affinity for drawing, … I could go on… and we take it all in stride
  3. We can write stories about voodoo, arctic quests, talking wolfs, jumping out of airplanes without parachutes, tracking through the wilderness, Russian arms dealers or ghosts and it’s still canon
  4. With phrases like “For reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture” and “I’m gonna kick you in the head” the dialogue his half the fun
  5. No matter what the pairing our characters have so many lovely idiosyncrasies that UST is less of an occasional feature and more, like, the foundation
  6. We care about the little things; which is why we have a loving relationship with a turtle that has absolutely no impact on the story and no screentime whatsoever
  7. We can make everything seem canon because when your Italian main character is going undercover just to be replaced by a blond guy with a Polish surname that is borrowed from a Tennessee Williams’ play and no one sees anything wrong with that, there is not much else that seems unlikely
  8. “In the closet” is not just an expression – the supply closet may as well be the most inappropriately abused space in existence
  9. The damn subtext is all over the place, it’s really more part of the dialogue than between the lines
  10. We get to explain how a Mountie fits into it all

47 thoughts on “About”

  1. ride_4ever said:

    Loving your “Ten Things I Love About This Fandom”! I discovered Due South only last year, and now this fandom has me heart, soul, and nether regions…and — like the wolves (yay, Dief) — mated for life.

    Getting ready now for some major Tatau reading! TYK!

    • Awww 😀 I found dueSouth a few years back and I’m still very much in love with this fandom, too. The “Ten Things” was a prompt from a challenge I did and I figured that we all could need a reminder of why exactly due South is such a wonderful ‘place’ to be 🙂

    • Love the nick, btw 🙂 You did a fic search a while back on LJ, right? Or is that just a coincidence? I didn’t have time to respond but I remember the nickname (I think ^^)

      • ride_4ever said:

        Yep, that was me on LJ. I’m variously in communities (all either DS or 6DDS or C6D or PG) as ride_4ever or as Ride_Forever or as RideForever139. All me.

      • Good thing to have a memorable nick 🙂 Would you… well… I’d like to friend you on LJ *kicks dirt shyly* If you’re amenable to that idea ^^

  2. ride_4ever said:

    Another night of Tatau DS stories winning out (FTW, oh yeah) over sleep. I’ve been reading all night and now it’s almost 10 AM local time and I must have at least a little nap before going on into the day. I am so going to need many cups of coffee with M&M’s added now!

    • OMG! Poor thing… although I have to admit that I’m ridiculously happy that my stories managed to keep you up all night XD It’s 5 pm here and I still got two hours until my shift ends *gah*

      • ride_4ever said:

        Where are you that it’s 5 PM? It’s 10:00 AM here in Chicago (you know, where Fraser first came on the trail of his father’s killers).

        How do you pronounce “Tatau”?

        Yes, yes, friend me on LJ and I’ll friend you, too! *touches finger to brim of Stetson and smiles very warmly*

      • Here is Stuttgart, in the South of Germany 🙂 I love Chicago ♥ Went there last year, ate dip-dish pizza and went to a couple of blues bars. Terriffic city!
        Tatau is the polynesian word from which the word “tattoo” derives. It’s supposed to echo the sound the bone makes when it hits the back of the tattoo comb to prick the needles into the skin (that’s the way a traditional tattoo was inked in the Marquesa Islands in the pacific). Captain Cook copied it in his journals either as ‘tatau’ or ‘tataw’ later and somewhere along the lines the ‘tattoo’ was born. I think language – and stories especially – are like a tattoo in a way. You know, the way you can still remember a book you read as a child or a single beautiful sentence that stays with you long after you forgot from which book you had it 🙂 So, it’s basically pronounced a bit like ‘ta-taw’
        I will 🙂 Thank you again for all the encouragement 😀

  3. ride_4ever said:

    Stuttgart! Are you German-born, or moved there from elsewhere? Your English is so impeccable, I was expecting to hear that you’re a Brit.

    And you are a traveller, you’ve travelled to Chicago! (Did you look for 213 Racine Street? Did you watch for the RCW 139 license plate? *native Chicago smile*

    And now that I know you travel to North America, I’m wondering if you might be going to RCW 139 : 2012.


    • 😀 No, born and bred here. I have to admit I didn’t look for either, the license plate or the street XD We had three days or something (we were doing a bigger trip and it was a bit of an overload).
      Phew, well, the convention… I don’t think I’d fly all the way to Toronto just for that. HOWEVER, I’ll finish university next summer and I was planning on going abroad again… and maybe to the States… and maybe even Chicago If I am in the area… I think I might go 😉

  4. ride_4ever said:

    Here’s a weird coincidence! I can’t think of any particular time in the past that I watched a movie that referenced Stuttgart, but the very day you told me that you are in Stuttgart, I was watching Paul’s movie “H2O” and one of the characters was from Stuttgart!

    It would seem a little “too bad” to come all the way to North America next summer and not go to RCW 139…but if you at least make it to Chicago again then or some other time, and wanted to have a bit of a fangirl meetup, that would be a win.

    I was going to read your stories in order as they appear on the right side of the page, but yesterday I posted a request on ds_ficfinders asking for recs for noncon fic and Surya rec’ed your “Release Me,” so I am going to read that as soon as I “sign this, click this, and put it in a box marked done”.


    • I LOVE coincidences like that 😀 It’s actually a very nice city, a bit small maybe (just about 600.000 people). It’s also a rather hilly area, but we got vineyards and due to the differences in elevation quite a few nice lookouts.
      Ohhh, shiny. I’m all for a fangirl meetup should I really make it up there. It depends mostly if I find something that pays 😉
      I’m afraid “Release Me” isn’t a noncon story in the classic sense… it’s, yeah, it’s fuck or die and everything but… hm, I think I skirted the issue of consent a bit what with Ray being drugged and due to that not really, uh, opposed to the whole thing. I think I read a really good noncon or dubious con fic not too long ago…hm, I’ll think about it and let you know as soon as I remember

  5. ride_4ever said:

    I just wrote an impassioned reply to”Release Me” on the page for the story, and after I hit “Leave a Reply” the screen went all white and came back without what I had written. 5 AM Thursday in Chicagoland and I haven’t slept since Tuesday…who knows WHAT I might have done to the ocmputer in this state…trading sleep time for more time to read DS fic and communicate online with fellow Duesers.

    Well, I’ll go try to do that reply again now.

    • OMG. I seriously hope that you have some kind of holidays at the moment. I mean, I know that I went to work on some days in less than stellar condition because I just couldn’t stop reading until I knew how it ended as well. I had a few rather comatose holidays because I spent all my nights reading and slept only as much as I absolutely had to so as not to miss out on any reading time 😉 The worst was some years back, though, before I got started in the due South fandom.

  6. ride_4ever said:

    No, not a holiday. Here in the States no next holiday until September. Now it’s 6 AM and I am definitely heading for a couple hours of sleep before going to work. I never belonged to a fandom before DS and I was never a fangirl before PG, and this has come on me only since earlier this year, so I am absolutely crazy for it just now.

    What was your FIRST fandom?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Shaynie

    • JESUS! My condolences 😉 About having to work after such a night, I mean. Ah, okay 🙂 Yeah, the first rush in a fandom is always intense like you wouldn’t believe. I have to admit that I didn’t stick as long with any other fandom as I’m doing with DS.
      My first one… *smiles* I was just young enough to get the first rush of this anime/manga hype. So my first was ‘Fushigi Yuugi’ and after that came ‘Gundam Wing’ (which was also the first one I ever wrote in) and then… Harry Potter XD I still like that one, though. The problem is that you get such a flood of stories all the time and the really good ones are rare compared to the massive amount you get. But DS….. ♥ I think that’s the love of a lifetime 🙂
      I love your name, really beautiful 🙂

  7. Like you said “DS…I think that’s the love of a lifetime” (so I’m going to be loving your writing for a lifetime, too). Do you ever watch fanvids featuring PG (and/or CKR) on YouTube? I’m thinking of one with PG in his Darryl Van Horne role (waaaaaaay hot!) where the music used is “Your Love is My Drug” by Ke$ha; that song works for me not just regarding PG but also regarding all of DS fandom and especially fanfic…and why my sleeping/eating/BREATHING has been radically altered in the rush and tumble of my awakening DS fanitude. (If you don’t know that vid, may I email you the link to it?)

    Are you meaning my RL name, the name Shaynie? If so, it’s interesting that you said “really beautiful” because that’s what my mother had in mind when she gave me this name taken from the German “schon”.

  8. Feowyn said:

    I love your ‘Ten Things…’ and your stories. I actually ended up here after finding one of your stories on Fanfiction, but I wanted to read the proper, uncut version. I used to watch DS when I was much younger but wasn’t compelled to buy the DVDs and rewatch them until I read some of these stories and realised what I was missing. This show was good when I was a kid but so much better now I understand subtext, lol.

    • My way to dS was similar 🙂 I watched it as a child, but I even found it pretty lame back then. And then I stumbled upon a few fanfictions years and years later and found them so amazing and brilliant and hilarious that I had to watch the show again – turns out, as an adult due South is exceedingly great to watch with some of the greatest characters ever invented. And a new love was born 😉
      Long live the subtext I’d say ^^

      • Feowyn said:

        I remember that I’d only seen a few episodes after RayK arrived, because I used to watch it with my dad and he didn’t like it when they changed the character. Shame! Now I realise it got so much funnier after that. Problem is I’ve seen that actor in a few other shows since and just can’t stop thinking of him as Ray. 🙂

      • I don’t think I ever saw the RayK episodes when I was young. And when I started reading fanfiction I was confused at some point as to why they were refering to “the other Ray” ^^
        I love playing spot-the-Canadian in Canadian television 😉 I think CKR is a lot more diverese than others, though. Of course, there are roles in which I get reminded of Ray. But it’s not as strong as the nudge that I get when I watch “Slings and Arrows” and see Geoffrey (Paul Gross) rubbing his eyebrow XD I always go: Oh, look, there’s Fraser again ^^

  9. I’m kinda glad to hear I’m not the only one who plays that game, lol. When I point out to most of my friends that such-and-such an actor was in another show they usually tell me to shut up because they don’t care, and that I watch too much tv. But then I’m the geek so I’m used to that. 🙂

    • ride4ever said:

      Yay for players of “spot-the-Canadians” in TV and movies!

    • Lol. Yeah, I get that reaction a lot, too XD Well, they usually don’t tell me to shut up, but they all look mildly confused with a look that says “great, and this is interesting to me how?”
      …or probably more along the lines of “who?”

  10. ride4ever said:

    Yay for players of “spot-the-Canadians” in TV and movies! That’s me too!

    • Heh, maybe it’s a fandom thing? At least everyone in the fandom gets the joke 😉
      While in Berlin I saw a preview of a movie and I saw the main actor and kept thinking ‘hey, that’s Jack’ – and then I wondered who the hell Jack was. Right in the middle of the trailer it hit me: he was the guy who had played Hamlet in the first season of Slings&Arrows. And his name in that role had been – all together now – tadaa: Jack Crew.
      The reason I had a problem figuring that out? It wasn’t a trailer for a Canadian film, at least not that I noticed

      • I do that all the time, it drives me mad when I can’t work out where I recognise them from. I once got halfway through a series before I finally worked out where I knew the actor from, serious :headdesk: moment. I was going to post this earlier but I was slightly traumatised by watching CKR’s character die in the third episode of Alphas. Not sure I’ll be adding that to my DVD collection now, lol 🙂

      • Oh my ^^ I haven’t watched Alphas yet, but he does have a tendency for characters that die in between. Just think of Lew Ashby in Californication 😦 (worth watching all the same) Well, I guess Leoben in Battle Star Galactica doesn’t count XD Seeing how Cylons can’t actually die. Still, I bet there are nicer way’s to go then with a pair of chopsticks sticking out of your throat ^^

  11. Like death by wendigo in Supernatural? 🙂

    Speaking of :headdesk: moments; I really didn’t realise he was in Battlestar. Though in my defence I’ve only watched that once and it was before I renewed my love of dS. Lol.

    • I need a reference frame here *dork moment* I’ve never watched Supernatural. I only know wendigoes from Final Fantasy… and something tells me that’s probably not the same XD

      Hahaha 😀 How could you forget everbody’s favorite little toaster? Of all the Cylons he was the one even the other Cylons found slightly unnerving at times 😉 (I’ve only watched about 1 and a half seasons of BSG myself and with the sole purpose of getting a glimpse of Leoben/Starbucks)

      • In Supernatural a Wendigo is a creature that is really fast and creepy, with massive claws. It lives in the woods and eats people. I have no idea if that’s anything like Final Fantasy.

        As for Battlestar; I didn’t forget him, I just watched it before I’d seen the later series of Due South, so he was just another guy. I only bought it because the complete series boxset was on sale and it was one of the few sci-fi shows I didn’t already own. Most of the time I was watching it I was thinking ‘Helo is the guy from Dollhouse and Boomer was in an episode of SG-1’. Lol. 🙂

      • Lol. Yeah, it’s in fact pretty similar 😉 well, none of them has ever tried to eat me, but they do attack humans so… ^^

        Ah, well, that’s all right then 😀 I had similar moments when I re-watched Blade Trinity or The Butterfly Effect and had to jump out of my chair with an ‘oh my god, since when is CKR in this movie?’ My favorite of those moments was when I realized that he starred in ExistenZ. Such a quirky 90’s movie and I never knew it was him until recently

  12. ride4ever said:

    LOL. Specialized form of “spot-the-Canadians”! When you rewatch something you first watched before dS and you go “OMG, since when is CKR in this”?! (Like when I rewatching “Paycheck” recently.)

    • Hahah, yeah, a backwards version 😉 …he was in Paycheck as well? I think I really have to reconsider my knowledge of Hollywood movies

    • ride4ever said:

      Ooops. Typo in comment above : it should be “I was rewatching,” not “I rewatching”. (Natural-born proofreader XD.)

      • According to the booklet that came with my Battlestar DVDs he was in the X-files too. I guess I’ll be rewatching that soon, :sigh: 🙂

      • Right, I remember that, too. But I think it’s only the last movie or something… I never got around to watching it. Somehow I preferred the X-Files when I could still think that Mulder was a little cuckoo with his conspiracy theories and Scully the only one keeping him in check 😉 The general weirdness of their cases notwithstanding ^^

  13. I have to agree that the early series of the X-Files were the best. At the risk of getting really annoying with this subject; do you happen to watch House? I only ask because I was watching season 6 last night and nearly fell on the floor laughing. David Marciano playing House’s unfriendly downstairs neighbour, who turned out to be Canadian, made me howl with laughter. I love irony.

    • You’re not annoying 🙂 what’s better than fan-talk? I did watch House… only until his first team split up, though 😉 Hahaha XD I’m really sad I missed that episode. I’ll have to look it up sometime. And it’s been a while since I saw Marciano appear on screen 🙂

      • Yeah, I know a lot of people who didn’t like House after he got rid of the original team. But they still hung around and at the beginning of season six the old team was back together for a while, until Cameron left. Chase and Foreman stayed though. 🙂

        I haven’t really seen Marciano in much else, except CSI and CSI:New York. Not that I can remember off the top of my head at least.

      • I mean that’s at least a series I could borrow from a friend so I could give it a shot without any trouble 🙂 I’ve still got a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory left, though.
        No, I also can’t say that David Marciano is a very regular face to spot on TV. Pity, I really liked him as Vecchio (different than RayK, of course, but they weren’t supposed to be the same so I don’t have to say who was better. Just which character I liked more ^^)

  14. That’s something I’ve never watched, the Big Bang Theory, which is a rare thing for me to admit 🙂 I have a lot of DVDs. I’ve heard it’s good, so maybe I’ll try to find it when I’ve got everything else off my list. That may take a while; it’s a long list. lol. I do love my tv shows, I’d much rather buy them than films. 🙂

    • It’s really worth it 🙂 It’s a brilliant show – at least if you have a soft spot for nerds or a little nerd hidden inside of you 😉 But I do know the problem with to-watch-lists XD God knows I’ll never see the end of mine. I’m still trying to figure out the best place to start with ‘Doctor Who’ ^^

      • I think it’s well established that I have more than a little nerd/geek in me, lol. That being said, I’ve never watched Dr Who. I’m sure someone will be around to revoke my UK citizenship any minute now. 🙂

      • Hehe, then you will definitely like “The Big Bang Theory” should you ever get around to it.
        XD At least I’m not alone with my ignorance when it comes to one of the best-known and longest-running TV series ever 😉

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