Hello and apologies for my long silence!

I have not been dead, I have not abandoned the fandom — I have not stopped writing. In fact, there are probably more words waiting to be published than you have free time.

The longest story I have finished is part of the Big Bang Challenge on LJ and as such will not be revealed before the 7th of October. I will link to it as soon as it goes online and I will post it here as soon as the period of the challenge is over.

The second story which also enlarges my list of epics is currently undergoing beta. But you know Ride_Forever and her crazy beta skills so you’ll get the first part as soon as she has worked her magic. It’s a cliché fic (gay!undercover) of 8 chapters called ‘Skydeep’.

I am working on a third story at the moment, but I can’t say how long it will be in the end. I also can’t say when I will have it finished because the next challenge is about to start 🙂 It’s time for the annual due South Seekrit Santa gift exchange and I will be participating in that as soon as I’ll pull a name out of the hat at the beginning of October.

Any Questions? Hit me.