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To shorten the wait for the last installement of the Mixed Signals Series I’ll give you a glimpse of the next story.

This is a smaller version of the actual artwork. The artwork is again done by the fabulous surya74 (thank you so much)

The story will be

Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Length: 3 parts
Rating: NC-17

Every work place is a rumor mill – the 27th police department is no different. What if Fraser overheard some gossip about himself… and Ray? As in ‘together’? Evidence has to be found and conclusions have to be drawn, self-realizations and owning up to your desires are part of the parcel and there is, of course, one other thing we cannot miss in this scenario… seduction Fraser-style.

A week later he accidentally overheard a discussion between the 
cleaning staff in the morgue.
“But one can really understand him, can’t you? Just look at that 
uniform, I mean, how can you not love a man in a uniform?”
“Absolutely! And come to think of it, I have always thought he was 
a bit queer. Should’ve guessed he had the hots for his partner… I 
tell you, the things you never know about people.”
Fraser couldn’t help but look down at his own red Serge when they 
were talking about the uniform.
Things were definitely starting to appear strange.
However, an hour later Fraser went to get a coffee for Ray and a 
sandwich for himself when he encountered Huey and Dewey in the 
break room.
“…he drove a motorcycle through a fucking window for him!” Dewey 
Huey looked skeptical.
“That doesn’t prove anything.”

Let your imagination wander a bit and maybe this will shorten the wait for Mixed Signals Part 11 a bit

– Keep in touch for updates – 🙂