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Author: Tatau
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~ 6.400
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not profit
Part 6: Pavlov’s Dog Can’t Hold a Candle to a Mountie

Sanity was mostly a matter of perception – a question of sharing reality the same way most people commonly did. In this particular instance, Fraser was absolutely certain that everything was real – he just wasn’t sure if he was still sane.

His frayed nerves clung to the last shred of common sense but it wasn’t an easy undertaking when everyone else thought it was his reality that had it wrong.

He had to visibly force the bitterness around his mouth away when he noticed the odd look detective Huey was giving him. Was it so incredibly hard to believe that it wasn’t Fraser’s imagination that was playing tricks on him but Ray – in flesh and blood and as corporeal as every other living, breathing, touching, tantalizing, tempting—he clenched his teeth—being?

Huey just didn’t see what Fraser was seeing. Couldn’t understand that Fraser wasn’t acting flustered because Ray was triumphantly wrestling a copy from the printer but because – just a second ago – Ray had been pressed against his back, his lips almost touching his ear, murmuring something about admiring Fraser’s ability to always find the right –spot— to put his fingers on which had Fraser accidentally deleting the print driver in his haste to get the desired copy (he rectified his mishap with the print driver a second later though with Ray still breathing on his neck).

And just because he succumbed to a coughing fit after asking Ray “Are you coming yet?” (a grave error on his part, he should have anticipated this) which Ray answered with a cheery murmur of “not yet” it didn’t mean that detective Dewey should be entitled to make wholly unhelpful suggestions about Canadians not being used to air conditioning due to their lack of the 3 other seasons that commonly existed besides winter.

Fraser was familiar with the concept of purgatory – he only lacked the courage to ask Ray how long he would have to endure there fearing that the answer might be longer than he could cope with.

During the nights, when he was finally alone in his office, his hands shook with the relief of not being clenched any longer and his body felt feverish under the inevitable slide show of Ray and his merciless teasing, his erection so hard it hurt, straining against the material of his long johns.

He wanted to touch himself, to at least grant himself some physical release, with every fiber of his being but he couldn’t give in – he had sworn himself that he would see this through, that he would bear everything Ray deemed appropriate.

Atonement always came at a price and he was willing to make the sacrifice that was needed – if that meant that Ray could forgive him then so be it.

Needless to say he was suffering from the first mild symptoms of sleep withdrawal.

Sometimes, knowing the correct name of a phenomenon didn’t help dealing with it, Fraser thought resignedly the next morning. Just because he understood the concept of conditioning behind Pavlov’s dog didn’t mean he could prevent getting hard from hearing Ray moan appreciatively at his first sip of coffee of the day.

I am a Mountie, I am a Mountie, I am a Mountie he kept repeating in his head, reminding himself of the fact that he was well above such juvenile fantasies and fanciful daydreams – it didn’t stop his dick from jumping in his pants when Ray’s blue eyes snapped open mid-moan to fix themselves on Fraser’s.

It also didn’t keep the low hum of arousal at bay when Ray’s lips curved into a knowing smile.

The only thing missing was that he started to drool, Fraser thought rather disgusted with his spectacular lack of self-control.

Ray was drumming out the beat of the song that was playing on the radio on the steering wheel, a toothpick wedged into the corner of his mouth and a soft smile gracing his lips – Fraser took one glance at him before deciding that it was better to stare out of the windshield.

Ray was silently relieved that Fraser wasn’t watching him at the moment. That man had an intensity to his gaze, Ray could almost feel his look touching him, undressing him, it was a hell of a turn on and damn inconvenient most of the time.

He didn’t get it. He had been so sure that he would have cracked Fraser in a matter of days –pfft, hours! Fraser’s desire for him was practically radiating all over the damn place. And yet, nothing happened.

Fraser must have iron clad control – strike that, Ray knew Fraser had iron clad control. Question was why was he trying so hard to keep it? You could almost see him hanging onto it by the skin of his teeth so why the fuck didn’t he give in?

Ray couldn’t say what he had been expecting him to do but he had reckoned with something, like, Fraser apologizing profusely or – his favorite – simply jumping him (and if he could get an apology from Fraser while he was jumping him that would mean bonus points for the Mountie – what? That guy was a world record holder in multi-tasking – it was possible).

Fraser was a stubborn, stubborn man. But if he thought that Ray had started this whole thing just to be the one doing the begging in the end after all he had another thing coming. No Mister, Ray Kowalski did not fall into his own trap, nuh-huh…

…it was just a very slight, teeny, tiny possibility though that his cock would persuade him to surrender sometime in the nearer future – the damn traitor.

It was almost as bad as being a teenager again. Ray couldn’t even recall the last time he had to wank himself raw just to take the edge off it.

Ray squirmed in his seat, trying to find a more comfortable position what with his dick taking an interest in his thoughts and all that. He caught Fraser gripping the Stetson just that bit tighter from the corner of his eye and smirked. Maybe Fraser would surrender first after all – but it was probably going to be a close call.

He parked the car in front of the Sherman Park outdoor pool and sighed. What kinds of freaks were living in his city that they had to investigate the freakin’ lifeguard of a public swimming pool? What was wrong with those people?

“It is very well documented that people tend toward desperate actions when temperatures soar.” Apparently Ray had said that last bit out loud. He scrutinized Fraser for a second, trying to figure out if Fraser had just used a very backhanded way to insult him but Fraser’s look was completely neutral – a bit rough around the edges maybe (and Ray took full credit for that, thank you very much).

“Fraser, it’s the beginning of July! Not exactly a heat wave, alright?”

They started their walk up the steps to the entrance.

Fraser nodded thoughtfully. “I think you’re correct. Well, there are no rules that preclude lifeguards from criminal tendencies.”

Ray scratched the back of his neck. “There should be. I mean, come on, this is a damn stone basin filled with chlorine water! What’s the biggest crime you get at a pool? A child taking a leak in it?”

“Ray!” Fraser admonished but Ray was already stepping inside the entrance area so Fraser refrained from a more detailed rebuttal. Ray’s following cackle was at least enough of an answer as to the status of Ray’s amusement level. Fraser smiled in exasperation.

Ray had of course been kidding. He knew damn well why they were here. It was just beyond belief that stuff like this happened at all. This wasn’t exactly better than the prostitution case from last week.

Several women had complained about feeling watched in the dressing stalls – a few even thought they had heard the click of a camera shutter – and some of the witness statements as well as the shift table of the lifeguards were hinting at Marcus Dunne as main suspect.

They entered the pool area and Fraser stopped at the first lifeguard stand and asked the woman there about Marc Dunne. She pointed to a man also dressed in white that was walking along the left-hand side of the pool.

Fraser tipped his head and they made their way over to their suspect.

Ray flashed his badge as unobtrusively as he could and nodded at Mr. Dunne. “Do you have a moment? We have a few questions.”

The lifeguard threw a panicked glance from Ray to Fraser and then towards the exit.

“No reason to be alarmed Mr. Dunne. This is standard procedure. We’d just like to ask you a few questions.” Fraser reassured him. Dunne nodded.

“Yeah, sure… why don’t we use the office for this?” He gestured at Ray to precede him and Ray followed the length of the pool towards the building Dunne had pointed at.

Ray had barely taken two steps in that direction when Dunne shoved him from the side – Ray stumbled and tried to regain his balance but there was no more concrete to his right, only the open pool. He had barely enough time to think ‘what the—’ before his body plunged into the water.

He came up spluttering and coughing, his legs kicking to stay afloat. He grabbed blindly for the edge of the pool and after a couple of more kicks he finally managed to get a hold of it to pull himself up again.

Fraser was at the end of the pool, tying Mr. Dunne’s hands together with the stringy bit of his uniform. Ray coughed some more – chlorine water was just foul. He’d take the damn lake water over it any day.

Fraser pulled their runaway up by the arms and escorted him over to Ray. As soon as they were close enough Ray jumped into Dunne’s face.

“You give me something to work with or I’ll swear to god, I will kick you in the head!”


“This is assault!”


“You’ve assaulted a police officer do you know the shit you’re in now? You just wait— I’ll get the charges piling up so high not even your grandchildren will be alive by the time they’ll let you out again.”


Ray let his head hang and sighed.

“Yeah, alright. Maybe your grandchildren will live to see the day—I wouldn’t bet on your children though.”

“Ray, honestly.”

“Alright, alright, gee! …I’m still going to kick you in the head!” He spat at Dunne who looked kinda scared by now – Ray grinned at him. How did it come that the perps always thought he was the crazy one?

“Guess you’ll be coming with us to the station then, huh?” Ray didn’t look particularly pleased by this development.

Well, getting thrown fully clothed into a pool and emerging from said pool dripping wet and shivering wasn’t exactly creating feelings of friendship for their suspect.

They dragged Dunne to the car where Fraser attempted to open the door for him.

“Oh hell no!” Ray interrupted emphatically.

“What is it Ray?” Fraser asked confused.

“You’re not getting him into the Goat. I’ll call the station they can send somebody over to come and get him. I am not ruining the leather seats for this scumbag!”

“Ray, really, I don’t see why—“

“Nuh-huh. My car, my rules. Huey and Dewey can take him… or somebody. I don’t care.” To prevent Fraser from any further arguing Ray pulled his mobile out of the car and dialed.

He exchanged a few words before snapping the phone shut again.

“They’ll be here in ten. I’m going to get a towel.” Ray stalked back towards the pool, muttering curses while he walked.

He returned shortly before their colleagues arrived to take Mr. Dunne to the precinct. Ray arranged the towel on the driver seat and nodded in satisfaction.

Ray straightened and pushed a hand through his wet hair. Now that there was nothing else to distract Fraser he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Ray. His jeans were dark blue from the water and his white t-shirt was almost see-through, plastered to his body, the hardened buds of his nipples clearly visible through the wet fabric.

But Ray seemed to be still occupied with the safety of his upholstery and appeared completely unaware of how he looked at the moment – besides he was still pissed off at the jerk that pushed him. Walking around in soaking shoes and clammy underwear wasn’t Ray’s definition of ‘comfortable’.

“Okay, let’s go Fraser. I need fresh clothes and a hot shower.”

“Ray,” Fraser squared his jaw as if the rest of the sentence took some effort, “could you drop me off at the consulate on the way please?”

Ray stared at him for a moment. Fraser’s voice sounded slightly higher than normal – like it did with some people when they were afraid… huh.

It wasn’t cheating, Fraser decided. But excusing himself from Ray’s presence was the only possible way in which he could keep his promise. If he had to stay with Ray looking like this – drenched, water sluicing down his jaw and throat, drops in his hair glittering in the sun, his jeans clinging wetly to his legs – he wouldn’t be able to resist for very long.

It just wasn’t humanly possible. So he wasn’t actually taking the easy way out, he really wasn’t; it was just a precaution so that he wouldn’t overstep the line. Escaping this torture was really only a coincidental side effect.

“Fraser you and I both know that the consulate is nowhere near the route from here to my apartment.”

Fraser brushed a knuckle over his eyebrow before he used the same hand to tug at his collar.

“Ah, yes, of course not.” Fraser’s voice sounded strangely tight.

Ray got into the driver’s seat and Fraser followed into the passenger seat with a moment’s hesitation.

Ray winced every time he moved. The leather would be ruined, a towel could only mop up so much water before it was soaking wet. And his shoes were making squishy noises when he hit the brake or pushed the accelerator.

Fraser was very quiet but Ray hardly noticed.

Why did he always end up in some place filled with water when he was around Fraser? He should really start taking swimming lessons – at this rate drowning seemed to be one of the higher possible ways of how he might die.

Ray pulled into the parking space in front of his building and got out. The towel had indeed soaked up most the water. He sighed in relief.

Fraser followed him into the building and up the stairs.

Okay, he could leave his shoes and socks in front of his apartment. That would minimize the cleaning up later on, Ray thought as they reached the landing of his apartment.

He toed his shoes and socks off and turned the key in the lock. He wouldn’t need long, he could take a quick shower and change into dry clothes in no time – Fraser could entertain himself for a couple of minutes.

Ray walked into his living room and Fraser stopped in the doorway.

First things first, get the wet clothes off and then you can grab that shower, Ray told himself. The laundry basked should be lying around somewhere here, too. He looked around while he started to pull his shirt off.


Huh? Ray had completely forgotten about Fraser here for a moment. He finished pulling his shirt over his head and turned around to look at him.

He was surprised to see Fraser with such a pained expression on his face. Had the dirtbag hurt him before Fraser had managed to restrain him? Why hadn’t he said anything? That stubborn Mountie, one day…

Ray walked over to him, already barefoot and shirtless but the rest of his undressing could wait until he had made sure that Fraser was okay.

He stopped close to him and put a hand out to touch Fraser’s arm.

“Don’t—please, Ray.” Fraser’s fingers were white where they were gripping the doorjamb. “I-I can’t – I simply won’t be able to hold back if you touch me now.” Fraser looked as if he was hurting. “So please, don’t.” It was almost a whisper.

And suddenly Ray was right there with him, back again on the same page.

“Make me,” he growled and Fraser’s eyes widened in shock. Fraser looked at him, really looked at him and took everything in – the intense look in Ray’s eyes, the suddenly fast pace of his breathing and the challenging smile on his lips.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here Fraser thought wildly – there was no stopping this now. His hand snatched out to curl around Ray’s neck and he pulled him closer, his left hand reached up to entangle itself in Ray’s short spikes, running his fingers through the wet strands.

Fraser pressed Ray close to himself and Ray’s eyes fluttered shut— Fraser’s hand travelled down over his naked back and Ray moaned softly. Suddenly Fraser’s feverishly hot lips pressed against his own and a wet tongue invaded his mouth, plunging inside as if Fraser had been starving for it and Ray opened his mouth wider, trying to take more of that tongue in, entangling his own with Fraser’s.

Fraser pulled back far enough to pant against Ray’s lips, “I tried Ray,” he brushed his lips against Ray’s again and Ray tried to keep the contact but Fraser pulled away again. Ray groaned in frustration. His own hands were fisted into Fraser’s serge with not even an inch between them.

“I really tried,” strong fingers pressed into Ray’s shoulder blades and he pushed himself closer still against Fraser. “I restrained myself, you don’t know how much effort it took to bear this but—“

Ray didn’t want to listen to this anymore. He claimed Fraser’s lips again, pushing his tongue almost cruelly into Fraser’s mouth but Fraser only growled deep in his throat and answered the kiss with the same need –Fraser’s hands were everywhere, roaming over every inch of skin they could reach and Ray broke the kiss, gasping for air.

He focused on Fraser’s eyes for a second, the wild, turned on look was damn intoxicating – if Fraser ever looked like that in public he would not make it out of there alive, the masses would tear him apart trying to get a piece of him.

“I’m sor—” Fraser murmured, eyes fixed on Ray’s lips and Ray pressed another brutal kiss onto his lips, smothering the apology. “Jesus, Fraser!” Ray panted against his lips.

“Didn’t mean to turn you into a martyr,” and he used the opportunity to push his fingers through Fraser’s hair, gripping tightly to pull Fraser’s head to the side so Ray could place a bite at the side of his throat.

“You don’t have to make yourself suffer like that, Frase…,” he pressed his hip against Fraser, glorying in the gasp this pulled from Fraser’s lips—god, he wanted to make him scream, talk himself raw, he didn’t care… but Fraser making those sounds was such a head trip Ray felt drunk from it.

“You got to take what you want one of these days,” Ray murmured before his tongue dived in for another taste of Fraser’s lips. Jesus— Fraser had one wicked tongue Ray thought dizzily, gripping Fraser’s arms in an effort to stay upright while Fraser took his time fucking his mouth.

Fraser sucked on his tongue and a low moan escaped Ray’s lips. Fraser’s fingers framed Ray’s face and he looked at him with something akin to fear.

“Ray I—what—“ he stumbled over his words.

Ray grinned at him and leaned forward to whisper dirtily into his ear, “touch me” he murmured with a flick of his tongue –and that was all the invitation Fraser needed to let go of the last bit of restraint.

With a moan his hands went back to exploring, over Ray’s back, along his shoulders and back down again to grab his ass and pull him closer.

Ray’s hips jerked forward at the touch, pressing him into Fraser’s groin and Ray panted open-mouthed against Fraser’s ear at the feeling of Fraser’s erection through the damn pumpkin pants.

Ray’s fingers clawed at the uniform but he was too impatient to fiddle with all the buckles and buttons, instead he just pushed his fingers underneath the tunic as far as he could, sneaking his fingers underneath the henley and finally—just a glimpse of skin, soft underneath his fingertips.

Ray was pretty sure he had never felt anything as erotic in all his life and Fraser gave a choked off sob and pressed his mouth against Ray’s with a desperation that made Ray’s head spin—but he wasn’t complaining.

He simply pushed back, dueling with Fraser’s tongue, biting at his bottom lip and suddenly they had a rhythm going and Ray’s mind went toofast-toofast-toofast and gimmegimmegimme and Fraser was obviously also fine with finally getting some release the way he was pressing his cock against Ray’s.

He could definitely do with some air but Fraser’s mouth was still sealed over his and that tongue was still stroking inside of his mouth so Ray panted harshly through his nose, not wanting to lose this connection and Fraser’s crooked tooth worried his bottom lip until a groan made Fraser shake from head to foot and then he jerked against Ray and Ray pressed eagerly closer, grinding against Fraser so that he was pressed firmly against the doorjamb.

And Fraser bit at his jaw and Ray rocked forward with the force of his climax, gasping wetly for air, Fraser’s name on his lips with every stuttering breath he took. He mouthed Fraser’s throat, still tingling with his orgasm and Fraser was shaking ever so slightly, all the while nuzzling Ray’s hair.

Suddenly Ray couldn’t keep it in any more, he started to laugh. First quietly but soon enough his whole body was shaking with mirth. Fraser raised his eyebrows, an amused smile on his lips.

“Are you alright?” He asked quietly and Ray shook his head before nodding.

“Yeah, no, it’s… Fraser, we’re still dressed!” Ray said astonished. Fraser’s lips quirked into a small grin before he blushed softly.

“Ah, yes. It would appear so.”

“You know that this doesn’t count?”

“It doesn’t?” Fraser raised his eyebrows. Hoping that this didn’t mean—

“Yeah, coming in your pants while dry humping someone does not count as sex once you’re over fifteen…seventeen max if you were a geek like me… or grew up in a freezer,” Ray grinned lopsidedly at him.

Fraser smiled in relief. So Ray didn’t intend to resume their… challenge.

Ray’s gaze softened suddenly. “Come ’ere.” He put his hands on the back of Fraser’s head and pulled his face closer.

The kiss was slow, languid—Ray’s tongue probed deeper, taking his time to taste every inch of Fraser’s mouth, their tongues touching again and again. Ray was rubbing soft circles into the back of his head and Fraser moaned softly against Ray’s lips, his own arms came up to encircle Ray’s body as completely as possible.

Fraser had no idea how long their kissing lasted, all he knew was that he could taste Ray when he licked his own lips and that Ray kissed just like he did everything else –whole heartedly, with everything he had to give, passionate.

Ray’s tongue licked over his bottom lip, slipping back into Fraser’s mouth as if it belonged there and Fraser pulled him closer, entwining their tongues until he felt Ray beginning to pant and pull away.

“Jesus—jesus, Fraser,” he murmured spell bound. Fraser could only nod silently, his throat felt too tight with emotion to squeeze a word past.

Fraser shifted his weight from one foot to the other and winced slightly at the congealed, cold wetness in his pants. Ray smirked before mirroring his expression.

“Shower. Definitely, before I catch my death here – which would just suck, I tell you.”

“I suppose it would,” Fraser replied seriously but Ray saw the humor in his eyes and whacked him softly upside the head. “Take a shower with me?” It was said bold, a teasing tone underneath but Ray looked endearingly shy the way he waited for his answer – as if there was any doubt about it.

Fraser closed his hand around Ray’s and marveled at the feeling of connectedness between them. He pulled Ray behind him into the bathroom.

Fraser pushed the shower curtain aside and adjusted the temperature of the spray. When he turned back around he found Ray staring at him with a hungry look on his face.

“Get undressed, Benton-buddy.” Fraser was momentarily confused at the gleefulness of Ray’s tone but he complied anyway. Removing the Sam Browne, the lanyard, the tunic until he finally reached his henley.

Ray’s eyes were sparkling with mischief. “You have no idea how many late night fantasies I’m able to fulfill right now – and I don’t mean just my own.”

Fraser stopped undressing in bewilderment. “As flattered as I am to hear that you have indeed harbored this kind of fantasies about me,” he rubbed a knuckle over his eyebrow, “would you care to explain what you mean with ‘not just your own’?”

Ray stretched expansively and Fraser’s eyes were instantly drawn to the stretch of Ray’s skin and the way the fabric of his jeans pulled tight.

“Fraser, everyone who’s met you has a late night fantasy about you undressing.”

Fraser looked affronted. “They have not.”

Ray stepped a foot closer and pulled the henley out of the pants. “Mhm you better believe me. But I don’t care… cuz I’m the only one that gets to see it live in technicolor.” Ray grinned and helped Fraser pull the shirt over his head.

Fraser wanted to contradict him – surely it was only Ray’s overactive imagination that had him believe that others were entertaining such thoughts as well – but before he could even open his mouth Ray had already stepped back and opened his own fly and started to undress the rest of the way.

As if in trance his own hands mirrored Ray’s actions. When he straightened again Ray’s eyes went hot. Fraser felt his ears beginning to heat. Seeing Ray naked like this was almost too much to be real.

Ray smiled shyly at him but he didn’t try to cover his erection and Fraser’s mouth started to water – he knew the drooling had been only a matter of time.

Ray walked the last remaining step and put his arms around him; kissing him deeply and Fraser couldn’t help but rub against Ray. They broke the kiss, both moaning at the friction until Ray finally managed to gasp “shower”.

He stepped into the bathtub and Fraser followed behind him. Ray started to turn around but Fraser’s arms came around him and pulled him flush against his chest. “God…Fraser,” Ray gasped.

Fraser bit softly at the flesh where the neck met the shoulder and Ray groaned and let his head drop forward.

Fraser’s hands roamed across his chest, smoothing the water that was sloshing from the shower head over his skin, while his cock was nestled tantalizingly against the cleft of Ray’s ass. Ray wriggled a bit and Fraser smothered his moan in Ray’s neck.

“Ray… soap,” Fraser croaked and Ray chuckled darkly. Fraser held his hand out in front of him and Ray upturned the bottle of shower gel to dribble some of its content out. Fraser lathered his hands before he returned them to Ray’s skin. Ray moaned appreciatively at the touch of those strong hands that were spreading the soap all over his body.

Ray closed his eyes, felt the water pound down on him and concentrated on the feeling of Fraser’s fingers on his skin. The slippery glide over his skin was sure, Fraser mapped out the contours of Ray’s body—carefully neglecting Ray’s erection and Ray tried to push his cock into Fraser’s hand whenever it came close but it never touched him.

“Tease,” Ray said hoarsely and for a moment Fraser’s brow creased, gauging Ray’s reaction but he didn’t seem to mind—was in fact opening himself to Fraser’s touch as much as possible, offering every inch of skin to Fraser’s exploring fingers.

Maybe Ray didn’t mind the teasing in itself, he smiled into the crook of Ray’s shoulder. “I thought we had already established that,” he murmured, his warm lips tracing the soft hairs at the back of Ray’s neck.

Ray groaned at the touch and Fraser’s left hand started to draw slow circles over Ray’s abdomen—Ray gasped but Fraser was careful not to touch his hard-on.

“Are you getting even?” Ray moaned, widening his stance to push firmly into Fraser’s touch. The fingers trailed away from that deliciously close spot. “I thought we were even, Ray” Fraser almost growled. And Ray felt a shiver running down his spine and then those hands stopped moving completely.

“Even—Jesus, we’re even, doesn’t get any evener Fraser!” Ray gasped, jerking his hips helplessly, trying to get some friction, some touch, just please—and then Fraser’s hand was finally—finally—on his cock.

The smooth feeling of Fraser’s soapy fingers had Ray cry out in pleasure but Fraser didn’t let himself be rushed through this. One hand closed loosely around Ray’s testicles, spreading the soap and Ray bit his lips to keep from shouting. Fraser’s right hand pulled in lazy strokes on Ray’s cock and a whimper escaped his lips when Fraser’s thumb flicked over the head, gently massaging the soap into the skin.

“Touch me—please—you gotta, Fraser you gotta—“ Ray started rambling pushing forward into the lose circle of Fraser’s fist before he ground back, pressing his ass against Fraser’s erection and was answered with another deep moan.

Suddenly the hand cupping his testicles left him—a second later he felt fingertips pressing along his crack, Ray moaned pushing back firmly and Fraser’s breathing turned obscenely loud against the rushing of the water, hot breath tickling Ray’s ear before Ray finally felt a finger entering him.

He groaned at the intrusion, relaxing his muscles and pressed back—taking more in.

“Ray, almost 70 percent of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom,” Fraser’s voice sounded like gravel when he murmured directly into Ray’s ear and Ray huffed out a laugh that turned into a loud moan when a second finger joined the first.

Ray struggled to find his voice. “Y-you urge me off of 50 feet cliffs,” he panted while the fingers inside of him started scissoring, “ahh… when I can’t even swim—Fraser,” the name rose up into a moan, “but you’re—you’re worried—“ Ray struggled through the rest of his sentence, “that I’ll break my neck slipping in the shower?”

Ray felt the answering smile against his back. “Right you are,” Fraser said in a low voice before he crooked his finger and Ray’s hips snapped forward on their own accord.

“Jesus!” Ray cried out before it turned into a steady moan when the fingers flicked against that spot again and again.

Ray braced himself with his hands against the wall to support his weight. He raised his ass higher to give Fraser more room and was rewarded with a groan.

“Ray—you look… god, Ray…” Fraser sounded breathless and Ray turned his head, wanting to catch the expression on his face.

Fraser was biting his lip, a hazy look in his eyes, the perfect picture of debauchery and Ray swallowed hard against the wave of lust that washed over him.

Fraser’s eyes dropped again to the movement of his fingers and Ray felt a flash of shame imagining how dirty he must look, with those fingers opening him up, entering his body, deeper with every thrust and him just taking it, begging for it with his body—arousal hit Ray so hard his jaw went slack with desire, his breath coming in pants and Fraser used the relaxing of the muscles to push another finger in.

Ray’s groan was answered by one from Fraser. “Ray,” the name was dragged from his throat with a hint of desperation.  “I need—god—can I—“

Ray didn’t even let him finish. He was nodding frantically, gasping, “Yes, yes—come on—just, god,” he let his head drop again with a particular strong thrust of Fraser’s fingers, “comeoncomeoncomeon Fraser, fuck me already,” his voice almost cracking and Fraser’s hand was shaky when he reached for the bottle of conditioner.

Fraser scanned the list of ingredients, it wasn’t the best sort of lubrication for this but it would do as a substitute—it would at least make it a bit easier.

Ray’s low chuckle of “You’re a freak” ended in a moan when Ray felt Fraser’s cock pushing in. Fraser was quietly chanting Ray’s name, pushing in inch by inch in one slow thrust and Ray spread his legs further, trying to relax his muscles.

Fraser pushed in the remaining inch until he was pressed flush against Ray’s ass; his hands were rubbing the skin of Ray’s back, soothing him. “Ray,” just his name spoken in such wonderment and Fraser was still keeping motionless, giving him time to adapt.

Ray felt completely overwhelmed, feeling Fraser inside of him—so very intimate—had him drowning in emotions—lust, need, want, love, tenderness all mixed up and indistinguishable until the need became the most pronounced and Ray pushed back against Fraser.

Fraser’s control snapped with Ray’s movement, his fingers dug into Ray’s side when he pulled out only to slam back in a second later and Ray cried out hoarsely. It was unmistakable that Fraser was staking a claim, pushing in deep and hard again and again and Ray could barely draw a breath he was so turned on.

“Harder, god, Fraser, harder,” he choked and Fraser complied with a snarl, snapping his hips forward almost brutally and Ray moaned—wanting this to last, for Fraser to penetrate him as deeply as possible, to be able to feel this for days—hell, forever if he could.

He wanted to touch his cock that was pulsing with every thrust against his prostate but he didn’t dare take his hand away from the wall thinking he would probably smash his head in if he let go even one hand. Instead he moaned desperately, hoping that Fraser could translate this into touch me, touch me, let me come.

And Fraser’s thrusts sped up, short, deep thrusts at a frantic pace and Ray was shouting Fraser’s name and chanting pleasepleaseplease and Fraser curled his hand around Ray’s cock, stroking it almost greedily and Ray gnashed his teeth and snarled, snapping his hips into Fraser’s hand and his climax finally overtook him, come splattering against the tiles, his muscles contracting and Fraser pushed in deep before he started shaking, shooting into Ray, his strong arms encircling Ray’s chest and pulling him close.

Ray turned his head as much as possible, searching for Fraser’s lips. His cock twitched when their tongues met and Ray felt connected in any way possible, Fraser’s cock still deep inside of him and Fraser’s tongue in his mouth.

Fraser pulled back, looking a bit shaken, too; eyes a dark blue and he pressed another short kiss on Ray’s lips. “I love you,” he whispered and Ray pulled him in for another kiss.

Ray released him with a soft moan. “I love you, too… you know that, right?” And Fraser smiled brilliantly at him before ducking his head and nodding shyly. Ray’s lips curved into a gentle smile.

This position was way too uncomfortable to stay in for long and Ray started squirming, wincing slightly when Fraser pulled out. He felt the come dribbling out and gasped when he felt Fraser’s fingers at his hole again.

Fraser,” Ray moaned warningly but Fraser’s fingers were only circling gently, dipping in softly.

“Just checking I didn’t hurt you,” Fraser murmured and Ray started shaking his head. “I’m good, Frase. I don’t break that easy.” Fraser smiled and pulled Ray into an embrace.

Ray snuggled closer and relaxed for another minute before scrunching up his nose at the pruney look of his fingers.

“Fraser, let’s get dry okay?” Fraser nodded and turned the water off.

Once they were dry and dressed again Ray glanced at the clock and grinned.

“I’d say shift’s over by now.”

“Ah,” Fraser looked properly embarrassed.

“Stay awhile?” Ray asked quietly.

Fraser’s answering smile was soft, the kind of smile you saw on people when they were presented with the very gift they had wanted all their life but hadn’t really expected to receive so they still couldn’t fully believe it.


So Fraser could do simple and direct after all. Ray grinned. This could work. Teasing was much more fun if you could make good on your promises at the end of the day anyway.

And Ray would make damn sure that Fraser would put his money where his mouth was should he start licking things again tomorrow. Ray might even be willing to give a hands-on demonstration first.

That night between kisses Fraser remembered something.


“Hm?” Ray was drawing lazy circles on Fraser’s collar bone with his tongue.

“That night when you called me at the consulate… how did you make your voice sound so smoky? I have to admit you were driving me insane with it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Ray’s movement of his tongue stilled.

“Uhm…” Now what? “I’d rather not say.” Ray laughed at Fraser’s perplexed expression.

“Excuse me?”

“A true master never reveals his tricks, Frase,” Ray winked at him. “It’s no fun if you know all my secrets.”

“I see,” Fraser didn’t look like he believed that for a second but he seemed to accept it nonetheless.

Ray pulled him in for another kiss before Fraser could come up with any more potentially dangerous questions.

Every relationship needed its secrets. It was healthy. At least it was healthier for Ray to keep this particular one.  

And though the cold, cold Ivory Tower was stony through and through
I laid and dreamed on a featherbed, my dream was of you
My dream was of you…”

– Ivory Tower by Blackmore’s Night