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Author: Tatau (kaffeewespe_la@yahoo.de)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: R
Words: ~1.800
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not for profit
Notes: Written for the ds_aprilfools round 2011, Prompt 23: Canadian Wildlife
Summary: An encounter with unusual wildlife activity leads to a short biology lesson but Ray has way too much imagination so Fraser’s explanation is totally wasted… or is it?
Status: Part 3/?


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They ambled down the walk that led from the porch towards the forest in the distance. There were lots of routes labeled as hiking trails and leading to lookouts and stuff. This neck of the woods probably drew families for a weekend trip or couples for a romantic picnic… under other circumstances Ray might have even enjoyed it.

They followed the winding trail through wide spread trees and mossy patches of grass and Ray thanked all the gods he had ever heard of that this walk turned out to be quite peaceful so far.

Fraser was still tense but he didn’t look about ready to snap anymore so Ray was all over the nature and the free air.

It didn’t even look as if they would get any trouble, but they had only been walking for maybe half an hour and with Fraser Ray was lucky to get this much time without anyone trying to take a shot at them.

Suddenly Fraser stopped walking and Ray almost ran into him.


“Shh,” Fraser pressed a finger to his lips.

Ray blinked once and nodded.

Now Ray heard it, too. There was a rustling in the undergrowth somewhere to the right; it was still quiet so probably 100 feet away.

“You think we’re going to meet any Canadian Wildlife or should I get prepared to get shot at?” Ray asked dryly when he saw Fraser’s puzzled expression. Half an hour of peace… half an hour – he should probably be glad.

“We’re not in Canada Ray so it would be highly unlikely to encounter any Canadian animal species out here.”

Ray shrugged, unperturbed.

“It’s wilderness, right?”

Fraser rubbed his eyebrow and scanned the tree line again before fixing Ray with a confused look.

“I imagine some people might term it that, yes.”

Ray grinned slightly. “See, it’s an approximation.”

“Of what?”

“Of Canada.” Ray couldn’t contain his grin anymore.

“Are you sure it’s me that is unhinged?” Fraser asked with raised eyebrows.

But Ray could see his lip quiver, they were good.

God, it felt wonderful to just be with Fraser like that again. He’d missed it. Fraser smiled back cautiously when the rustling got more pronounced all of a sudden. It sounded like someone breaking through the bushes.

Ray frowned and mimed at Fraser that he would approach the source. Fraser wanted to walk in front of him but Ray hold him back and gestured to his gun and then back at Fraser’s head. The nutcase hadn’t asked Ray for a tea party after all.

Fraser opened his mouth to protest but suddenly there were voices accompanying the rustling so Ray turned around and moved closer behind the next tree. He cocked his gun and peered around the trunk.

The image was so surprising that Ray almost dropped his gun. He needed two attempts to pocket it again in his haste and he had to push at Fraser behind him to get going.

Fraser started to protest but Ray pulled him along until they were almost back on the trail.

“Ray, would you care to enlighten me as to the result of your observation? I am fairly certain the sounds were human, not from any form of wildlife.”

Ray blushed slightly.

“Oh, it was wildlife alright,” he scratched the back of his neck. “More of the city variety than of the fur family, though.” He couldn’t quite hide the grin. This was so absurd.

Fraser looked as if Ray was indeed more than a little unhinged.

“You know…” Ray waved his hand around. “Sometimes city people feel the need to get away from all the concrete and the noise and—“

“Yes, Ray. I am familiar with the concept. Are you telling me we stumbled upon other hikers?” He looked doubtful. “If they are this far off trail we should go back to warn them about—“

“They’re not hiking, Fraser!” Ray said louder than intended.

Fraser looked taken aback.

“Well, despite of what you might want to call it there is a certain danger to leave marked trails if the person is not familiar with the area or without the help of a compa—“

“They don’t need a compass for what they’re doing, trust me.” Ray said with a smirk.

“I, ah—whatever are you talking about, Ray?”

Ray grinned like a shark.

“They’re fucking, Fraser.”

Fraser looked at him as if he had completely lost his mind.

Ray’s grin turned even broader.

“I’m not kidding.”

“Let’s go back to the cabin now.” Fraser tried to make it sound as if the idea had cropped up completely coincidental and not because he was embarrassed.

Ray had a hard time keeping up and wondered what had bothered Fraser so much about this. Did he think they were hurting the plants or something? Squishing the dear little saplings with all of their humping and rutting? Ray had a hard time smothering the snicker that was rising up in his throat.

Maybe it was because Ray had said the f-word without using it for cursing? Or it was about knowing that someone less than a few feet away was getting some – right at that moment? Heh, perhaps Fraser felt like a perv now for knowing about it.

They arrived back at the cabin and Ray made a direct beeline for the water bottle on the table. He put the bottle to his lips and gulped thirstily until almost a quarter of the bottle was empty.

He stopped to take a breath and when he put the bottle to his lips again he caught Fraser staring at him; he appeared mesmerized by the way Ray’s throat worked frantically to keep up with the gush of water.

Ray narrowed his eyes for a second before he put down the water bottle to smile cheekily at Fraser.

“Hey Fraser,” he asked jokingly, “You’re the wilderness expert, what’s the worst that could happen when you do it like our two love birds back in the forest and commune a bit with nature that way?” He put on a mock thoughtful expression and waited for Fraser’s answer.

At first he thought that Fraser wasn’t going to answer or maybe that Fraser would act all Little-Miss-Manners and tell him off for asking such a rude question.

But then Fraser pulled at his collar and cleared his throat. Wonders will never cease, Ray thought delighted.

“Well, depending on the, ah, position you chose you might come into contact with different kinds of plants, there is poison oak which would cause nasty blisters and sever itching, you could also find Clematis Virginiana, known as Devil’s Hair, near stream which belongs to the same family of Toxicodendrons, there is also a risk in inherently harmless plants like blackberries because of the thorns and,” Fraser rubbed his eyebrow with a frown on his face, “I suppose it would be best to chose a position that would enable you to stay off the ground.”

The Mountie was talking about sex! Holy shit! ‘Course, it was all in code and stuff but still they were talking about sex!

Ray’s mouth hung open. “Off the ground?” He repeated stupidly.

Graphic images assaulted him in which Fraser pressed him against a tree, back in that clearing in the woods.

He looked unseeing at Fraser while pictures flashed before his eyes. Ray could almost feel the rough bark underneath his fingers where they were gripping the tree trunk, Fraser pressed hotly against his back, opening his fly and Ray’s jeans hit the forest floor and there was the scrunching of twigs and leaves underfoot and Fraser’s hand was impossibly warm where he gripped Ray’s hip.

The smell of pine needles filled his lungs and Fraser’s erection was nestled against the crack of his ass and—“

“Ray, Ray, Ray,” Fraser was repeating and Ray shook his head, trying to see clearly again. His mouth was dry and he felt his erection straining against the zipper of his jeans.

He still held that water bottle in his hand like a damn life preserver and Fraser’s look changed from worried to knowing with a quick scan of Ray’s body. And Ray had nothing, really, to hide his erection; he considered holding the water bottle in front of him but that would make him look even more pathetic.

Ray tried to shrug it off.

“Uh, I… I just— you know, uhm, go…” he trailed off, inching away to the bathroom. Fraser stood rooted to the spot as if he was having a similar moment in which his brain had downloaded a completely different program than the one reality had currently going.

He closed the bathroom door behind him and gripped the sink with shaking fingers. “Deep breaths… deep breaths, you can do that.” Sheesh, this wasn’t the way he had pictured his day.

He figured he was already busted. Even if he did nothing Fraser would still assume that he did, so if he had to take the guilt train anyway he might as well enjoy the wank that would cause it.

He bit his lip and snapped his fly open. Damn Mountie ears could probably hear his hand moving no matter how quiet he stayed. But no way was Ray stopping now, this trip had been excruciating torture from the get-go and he was only a man, he had his limits… and Fraser was exceptionally good at pushing them.

Ray clenched his teeth tighter together to keep from groaning when he increased the speed. A muffled moan resonated low in his throat, so fucking close, ah, shit— come on…just, yes

He almost bit his tongue with the effort to keep silent as his orgasm ripped through him.

Ray took a moment to get his act back together before he cleaned himself up. He had no idea how long he had spent in there, didn’t feel as if that had taken more than a couple of minutes.

Ray steeled himself before he opened the door. He had his little speech all prepared – okay, that was a lie, Ray never knew what he was going to say next but he felt deeply sure that something would have come to him the moment he opened his mouth.

Hadn’t he been completely taken off guard by Fraser standing at the table with his palms pressed against the tabletop, his head lowered and his arms shaking with— no idea, stress? Strain?

Ray was next to him in an instant. He put his hand on Fraser’s back and tried to look at his face. “Frase you okay there?”

He gripped Fraser’s upper arm when no instantaneous reply came. Ray worried his lip.

“Fraser?” Ray asked again apprehensively.

Continued in Part 4