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Author: Tatau (kaffeewespe_la@yahoo.de)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK (eventually)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not for profit
Notes: Written for the ds_aprilfools round 2011, Prompt 11: “Three days long?”
Summary:Ray thought there was something between Fraser and him so he kissed him… obviously Fraser wasn’t exactly on the same page. Maybe Fraser had an advantage when it came to denial? And now Ray has to spend the next few days locked up in a cabin with him, oh joy
Status: Part 1/11

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„No way!“

„This is a direct order, are we clear on this detective?“

Ray gave the filing cabinet a vicious kick.

“Crystal,” he forced out between clenched teeth.

Fraser rubbed his eyebrow. “For how long if I may ask?”

“You may,” Welsh sighed, clearly unhappy with the level of cooperation here. “Three days-“

“Three days long?” Ray interrupted aghast.

“-at the least – Detective, is there anything particular about this assignment that rubs you the wrong way that you want to share?”

Ray muttered something.

“What was that?” There was an edge to Welsh’s voice that made it perfectly clear that he was running out of patience.

“Nothing, there’s…” Ray sighed, “There’s nothing, Lieutenant.”

‘Nothing’ covered a multitude of sins.

~ Flashback ~

The evening had started out like any other. They went for Thai food and afterwards Ray invited Fraser and Dief over for a hockey game at his apartment.

It was comfortable, those nights with Fraser. They were the best part of Ray’s day and the shy smile that lit up Fraser’s face whenever Ray asked him if he wanted to spend the evening with him always gave him a warm, fuzzy feeling.

It was different since they had come back from the quest. At first Ray couldn’t put a finger on it. The smiles were different… or maybe the way some things sounded? Perhaps it was only in the way they spent even more time with each other than before?

It felt like tiptoeing around the proverbial elephant in the room. But Ray hadn’t known what the elephant was – until recently.

There was the time when Ray had picked Fraser up at the airport once it was sure that Fraser was back for good in Chicago.

They had met outside of the arrival gate and Fraser’s face had looked like the time he had jumped out of an airplane to fall into a field full of snow and Ray had grinned like an idiot himself and they had hugged and… they hadn’t stopped.

They had pulled each other tighter, assuring each other that they were real, that this moment was real.

And then there was the time when Ray’s face had said ‘hello’ to a brick wall because one of the funny guys they were pursuing thought introductions were long overdue. Fraser had taken him back the consulate and brought some of this disgusting mucus stuff out.

Fraser had dabbed the cotton swab into it and when he applied it to Ray’s face he had suddenly stopped, seemingly mesmerized by Ray’s face – which probably hadn’t looked all too pretty after it had become great friends with the wall. And then Fraser had shaken himself as if to get rid of something and the moment had passed.

But there had been more moments like that. So many, in fact, that not even Ray’s enormous capacity for self-denial was able to fend them off.

And that evening… that evening was all of those moments added together and then some.

They watched the game and sometimes Ray could feel Fraser looking at him and when he looked back Fraser would show him that crooked smile before looking back at the screen.

Ray felt butterflies in his stomach, how were you supposed to sit still with Fraser looking at you like that?

Then came the commercial at half time and Ray leaned forward to grab the remote but Fraser seemed to have the same idea so their hands touched and Ray swallowed at the contact and turned his head to look at Fraser and suddenly Fraser’s face was so close and— Ray leaned closer by instinct, his eyes fluttering shut, and his lips brushed softly against Fraser’s. It felt like the most natural thing in the world.

Until Fraser pulled away with a shocked gasp and stared at Ray as if he was out of his freaking mind.

“It’s best if I go,” Fraser had said with that deer in the headlights thing going and before Ray even managed to protest or even just open his mouth Fraser was already halfway out of the door.

‘Confused’ didn’t even begin to cover it.

The next days were even worse. Ray had tried talking about it but Fraser was set on ignoring the damn elephant – which Ray considered a really spectacular achievement since this was, like, already sitting on it and wondering why everything looked so tiny and still denying that the elephant even existed.

So Ray tried ignoring it, too, just so that everything could go back to normal. Fraser’s planet was worse off course than usual, though. Apparently, this kiss was as bad as an insult to the uniform – which, yeah, hurt, thank you, it wasn’t like Ray had any human emotions or anything.

Ray couldn’t say anything; Fraser was instantly on the defensive. Generally speaking, they hadn’t had a single conversation those last few days. They had argued for hours and Ray didn’t even understand why Fraser was so damn pissed off.

Which led to the current state of affairs in which Welsh wanted them to stay enclosed at a safe house for at least three days with no one but each other for company.

Apparently, Fraser had pissed some guy off – someone other than Ray, that is – and now said guy wanted nothing better than the Mountie as dead as possible, naturally.

And because the guy was somehow a case for the feds they couldn’t just stay where they were. No, that would be too easy. See, for the feds everything had to be complicated and with more flaws than you could count.

Ray didn’t know to which numbskull it had made sense to use the very Mountie the guy wanted to kill as bait and – just to make it even easier for the nutjob – place the Mountie in some remote cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah, Ray was damn glad for Fraser’s safety that he got to be his backup…. But did it have to be now? Ray sounded whiny even to his own ears. This had to stop.
~ End of Flashback ~


“Constable, if you are as successful in attracting crime as is your want I believe you’ll be back to duty in less than three days,” Welsh said dryly.

“Ah,” Fraser rubbed his eyebrow. “That would be preferable.”

Ray threw him a dirty look. It wasn’t as if Ray was only waiting for them to be alone. Just in case anyone was unsure on that point, Ray would prefer very much to nurse the blow to his ego alone without Fraser to rub the rejection in 24/7.

God, that man was like a damn salt shaker, making sure the wound never got any time to recover before rubbing in more of it.

“Kowalski, I hope you will be able to control that temper of yours for the next few days.”

Why did everyone think that he had control issues? He was fine, he was fucking well-adjusted, he was a picture of fucking self-control, he… Ray sighed, he could still shoot himself. That was an option. Might not be pretty, but it was an option.

“Somebody shoot me…” Ray rubbed his hand over his face in a tired gesture. Fraser looked shocked. Serves him right, Ray thought bitterly.

“And deprive others of their dream? I’m not that cruel, detective. I’ll see you both in a few days. I’m sure you have some packing to do,” Welsh smiled pleasantly.

Ray’s answering smile was all teeth.

Continued in Part 2