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Author: Tatau (kaffeewespe_la@yahoo.de)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~2.400 (this part)
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not for profit
Notes: Written for the ds_aprilfools round 2011, Prompt 22:”Don’t argue.”
Summary: Ray is trying to figure Fraser’s reaction out. Maybe it’s a question that should be asked in a closet? Or better yet: Fraser doesn’t get any say in the matter and Ray does the talking
Status: Part 5 (of 6)


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- Thursday, 27th PD, supply closet, 5.15 p.m. 
post-orgasm –

“Fraser, come home with me?” he asked quietly.

The silence was deafening and silence was never a good thing in Ray’s book. Ray felt stupid for putting it out there but he wanted Fraser at home in his bed so much and he hadn’t really believed that Fraser might turn him down.

“Uh… only if you want to. There’s no pressure or anything… I just, uh, I’d,” he swallowed nervously, “I’d like you to come home with me.”

Fraser seemed to come out of his stupor. But he looked puzzled at the prospect. Ray was sure that he should feel insulted but the nervousness was drowning all other emotions out.

It was too late now to take it back anyway…heh, if people could unspeak they’d do it every 30 seconds. Ray knew he would.

“For more casual sex?” Somehow Fraser managed to make ‘casual’ sound like a dirty word.

“Of course I mean sex, Fraser. If I had wanted to invite you over for pizza I would’ve done so without putting you in a closet,” Ray said exasperated. Fraser could be so dense when he wanted to.

“Ah. Alright,” Fraser agreed.

“Greatness,” Ray answered even though it sure didn’t feel like it. This was beginning to feel like a pity fuck and he had had enough of those to know that you always felt worse afterwards but he seemed quite helpless to stop himself from going there again.

- Thursday, Ray’s bedroom, 6 p.m. -

Ray felt awkward and didn’t even know why. He had wanted another round of naked wonder with Benton Fraser and now he was about to get his wish fulfilled.

Maybe it was that Fraser looked all official in his red uniform or the fact that he didn’t smile or talk. Instead Fraser had displayed all of his nervous ticks on the ride to Ray’s apartment and Ray didn’t get it, now Fraser was nervous?

Fraser stood in Ray’s bedroom, cracked his neck and started undressing. Just like that. Ray was about to combust after all.

Ray felt incredibly daring to watch Fraser like that. It felt as if he had ordered a rentboy and today’s theme was Mountie, tomorrow he would have arrived in a priest getup or something along the same lines.

Fraser was looking directly at him while piece after piece was removed, folded and placed on the chair at the door.

All of a sudden Fraser had nothing more to undress and he stood still and proud right in the middle of Ray’s living room – and Ray was still completely dressed; he had been so focused on watching Fraser he had all but forgotten that he, too, should strip if he wanted anything fun to happen.

But before Ray could blink out of his stare Fraser had already crossed the few feet dividing them. Ray could feel the heat radiating from Fraser from where he stood directly in front of him. His eyes locked on Fraser’s mouth that was now curved into a soft smile.

Fraser pressed flush against Ray and kissed him, deep and wet and Ray moaned softly into the kiss as Fraser probed deeper, entwining their tongues and Ray tried to get even closer to Fraser.

That man had skin better than any woman he had ever touched. Agile fingers started to undress Ray and he was all too willing to surrender. This was different from their first time, leisurely, unhurried and less of a battle.

Probably because Ray was a-okay with letting Fraser take charge here. After two days of thinking that Fraser didn’t wanna touch him again being the sole object of his attention was dizzying. Or maybe it was that Fraser seemed to look for cues from Ray… which didn’t make any sense; he hadn’t needed any pointers that first time either.

Fraser brushed his lips against Ray’s and murmured, “Ray…” and Ray couldn’t suppress the shiver that ran down his spine or the groan that was dragged from his lips.

Without any warning strong hands gripped Ray’s hips and lifted him up. Fraser pressed him against the wall and put Ray’s legs around himself.

Fraser’s eyes fixed on Ray and then he lifted his fingers to his mouth and started to suck on them. Ray gasped at the sight but Fraser only pushed his fingers deeper into his mouth.

They were glistening wet when he pulled them out again and Fraser looked seriously at Ray. Breathlessly, Ray nodded.

The first stretch of Fraser’s fingers drew a shuddering moan from Ray.

“So…good…” Ray gasped and Fraser kissed him again, hard and demanding and Ray wanted more of Fraser’s lips and his mouth…

Before long Ray was sweat soaked and shaking and still Fraser continued with the same driving rhythm of his fingers.

Ray was biting at Fraser’s lips, sucking on his tongue, anything to get him to do something, anything.

Fraser withdrew his fingers and Ray whimpered. Fraser’s lips curled into a smug smile. He reached to the right and took a small bottle from the window sill.

Ray tried to come to terms with the fact that Fraser had brought his own lube with him and had even placed it on Ray’s window sill apparently without Ray’s knowledge… he guessed that he had had better things to stare at when Fraser had put it there.

Ray was panting by the time Fraser had coated his dick with the slippery lube.

“Shh… Ray,” Fraser murmured before he pressed his lips to Ray’s again and slowly breached him.

Fraser’s arms moved from Ray’s hips to underneath his knees and Ray felt suddenly open and vulnerable, the angle in which Fraser’s grip spread his legs was almost painful but perfect in counterpoint to the arousal spiking through him.

Fraser’s sweat soaked bangs were plastered to his forehead and his panting sounded ragged in Ray’s ears.

Fraser thrust into him again and again and Ray lost complete track of time and his surroundings… they might have been fucking for hours or less than 5 minutes he had no idea. All he knew was that Fraser’s rhythm was driving him insane.

He was that close to coming and somehow it simply wasn’t enough. Fraser was pressed so close to him that his cock was rubbing against Fraser’s abdomen but he couldn’t get enough friction to send him over the edge.

And Fraser didn’t seem in any hurry to get him there.

Ray gasped brokenly, trying to get some much needed air into his abused lungs… “Ben… oh god, Ben… I…” and Fraser went wild. He slammed Ray against the wall again and gave a grunt before he claimed Ray’s lips with punishing force and thrust his cock into Ray again and again and suddenly Ray was right there—right on edge—and, “oh god,” he had wanted this so damn much and Fraser’s hips slammed into him again and Ray came with a final shout of “Ben!” and Fraser increased his rhythm and groaned harshly against the heated skin of Ray’s throat when he came.

This seemed to take all the starch out of Fraser. He hugged Ray tighter to himself and stumbled backwards towards the bed where he collapsed and toppled them both onto the mattress.

Ray didn’t care, he was fine where he was and he never wanted to move again. He found the edge of the sheet and pulled it over them.

This was perfect.

He wanted to say something to Fraser but he fell asleep before he could be sure if he had asked Fraser to stay.

He awoke again a few hours later to a cold bed… the Mountie had already left. Ray felt hurt. Why didn’t Fraser want to stay?

- Thursday, Ray’s kitchen, close to midnight –

Ray heated some leftover Chinese and carried it with him to the couch. While he ate he tried to figure out how he could make this thing with Fraser work.

Why go for a one night stand when you could have great sex whenever you wanted? And Fraser was into this…

It shouldn’t be too hard to get Fraser to come back for more.  If Fraser would only stop making this thing feel so… uncaring… that wasn’t the word he was looking for, he knew that, it just… why did Fraser leave when he had to walk all the way back to the consulate in the middle of the night when Ray could easily drop him off at work in the morning?

Maybe Fraser didn’t want even the tiniest bit of comfort with the sex? But Ray would have figured Fraser for a guy who appeared to his one night stand with flowers for the lady in question – well, that is if Ray had ever entertained the idea of Fraser having a fling.

Perhaps Fraser had some obnoxious Canadian reason for not staying after sex? God, trying to get inside Fraser’s mind was like biting at a brick wall – you knocked all of your teeth out while you were at it and afterwards you couldn’t even be sure that you penetrated it any.

- Friday night, Ray’s bedroom, around 11.30 p.m.,
post-coital glow –

“Oh Lord,” Ray’s voice sounded raspy.

This was the closest his life had ever come to looking like a big box of awesome since his divorce had killed his feel good Fridays.

And being right was only the cherry on the cake. He had known that Fraser would go for it.

Of course, not letting Fraser any time to retreat had probably helped him along a little.

Ray had only waited for Fraser to get to the station that morning before he had pulled him into the supply closet again – maybe there was a weird reason why Fraser and talking, real talking not this anecdote shit he pulled all the time, was more compatible in the enclosed space of a closet?

Ray filed this away for later use. Next time he ended up in an argument with Fraser where he had no idea what had the Mountie all upset he would simply shove him into the next broom closet before even trying to understand.

It couldn’t make any less sense than the rest of Ray’s life.

- Friday, 27th PD, supply closet, 10.30 a.m. -

Fraser had looked exasperated at being manhandled into a cupboard again but before he could voice his annoyance in a long, endless, stream of words Ray put his hand over his mouth.

Fraser looked pretty much stunned by this development and Ray had to swallow a grin. Fraser was probably indignant about being treated this way. “Don’t argue,” Ray said quietly – but he left his hand over Fraser’s mouth on principle, sometimes Fraser had problems with definitions.

See, ‘don’t argue’ might have meant for Ray (and everyone else in Chicago) ‘do not speak, do not contradict me, do not be difficult, do not make my life hell’ and a lot of other stuff that started with ‘do not’ whereas Fraser might be under the delusion that Ray was simply asking him to phrase his answers in a more considerate manner – which didn’t change the content of what Fraser was about to say one bit, it only made it sound a whole lot more logical.

“I want you to come home with me tonight. I want you to fuck me till I can’t see straight anymore. I want to bend you over the back of my couch and have my wicked way with you until you’ve screamed yourself hoarse,” Ray’s smile looked decidedly dirty when he saw Fraser’s widening eyes.

“If you are amenable to this proposition I would thank you kindly for requiting my endeavor by either nodding or shaking your head,” Ray tried hard not to laugh at Fraser’s expression. Ha! Textbook-Ray, the secret weapon of doom.

Something wet came into contact with Ray’s hand and Ray moaned softly when he realized that Fraser was trying to lick his lips before answering. Fraser blushed slightly when he noticed what he was doing.

And then he nodded, once, but determined.

Ray was in an exceptionally good mood for the rest of the day. He couldn’t help grinning whenever he looked at Fraser. And while Fraser did look pleased at Ray’s infectious high spirits he also looked slightly confused whenever he looked at Ray.

But Fraser was always trying to figure something out so Ray felt confident that he would come out and say it whenever he had exhausted all other possibilities.

And Ray was a guy who followed through on his promises which was how Fraser ended up bent over the back of Ray’s couch less than 15 minutes after they had entered Ray’s flat because Ray had already been waiting for-fucking-ever and he wanted to hear Fraser pant and moan and just about lose it.

Turned out, getting fucked by Fraser in return was even better when he had totally lost control before. Ray would probably be sore for days but…god… Fraser whispering dirty stuff into his ear and telling him exactly what he was going to do to him… that was like red-hot fire pushing through Ray’s veins, making him beg with words, his body and everything else he had to offer.

Catching his breath seemed like a monumental achievement, one Ray wasn’t sure he was about master.

Okay, he had to admit what had started out as complete, overpowering madness and had more or less nose-dived into monstrous, intolerable torture those last few days had taken a detour to mind-boggling ecstasy; Ray could get behind this. He was the master of this particular merry-go-round.

- Friday, Ray’s bed, 11.45 p.m. –

Ray stretched and tried to detach the sticky bed sheet from his left leg. There was rustling next to him as Fraser started to get out of bed.

Ray’s hand shot out like a flash and he gripped Fraser’s hand in an iron hold.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked suspiciously.

“Well, back to the consulate. Although I will have to get dressed first, obviously,” Fraser said carefully as if he wasn’t sure what Ray wanted to hear.

“Fraser… stay,” Ray said and it sounded more like an order than a request. “You don’t have to go, you can stay,” Ray repeated a bit more softly this time.

Fraser’s brow creased and he opened his mouth to reply.

Ray considered if he could drag Fraser into the built-in closet in the hallway before he managed to speak – probably not.