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Author: Tatau (kaffeewespe_la@yahoo.de)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: R
Words: ~1.400 (this part)
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not for profit
Notes: Written for the ds_aprilfools round 2011, Prompt 18: breathe
Summary: Ray’s a casual guy, casual is what you find written right next to his photo in the dictionary, he even knows how to spell it… So why is it so damn hard to accomplish?
Status: Part 3

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- Tuesday, Ray’s bed, 6 a.m. on the dot -

Ray killed the alarm and groaned… Jesus… but he had slept great. A grin crept onto his features of its own accord. No wonder, a night of mind blowing sex did that to a guy.

He managed to get out of bed and hit the ‘on’ button on the coffee machine on his way under the shower.

While he worked the conditioner into his air he started to feel the first twinge of apprehension about the upcoming morning at the station.

Ray hadn’t exactly lied to Fraser, more like he hadn’t bothered to tell him – heh, Fraser might appreciate the difference – that his last one night stand had been quite a while ago and that he maybe had two in total where he actually had to face his sex partner at a later point.

And one of those had been at the supermarket so they had grinned at each other without saying a word and moved to different aisles, no big deal.

The other one had been at a conference about information sharing and he had one day of the conference left when they had shagged.

Although… if Ray were to be truthful, which he thought he could cope with seeing that he was alone in his shower, that had not been exactly a one night stand… not from his perspective.

But the lady had made that real clear over the course of the last conference day. The cold from that shoulder could have started a new ice age and Ray may not be a subtle guy but he could take a hint, thank you all to hell.

Bottom line: He had no idea how you faced a co-worker you had just shagged rotten the night before.

While he toweled himself off he came to the conclusion that having sex with Fraser – while really, really big on the satisfaction scale – wasn’t the smartest thing he had ever done.

Good thing he had never claimed to be the brightest crayon in the box.

Ray shrugged into his clothes and threw a few smarties into his coffee. He watched them dissolve and made up his mind. He wouldn’t make fun of Fraser for having problems with this casual thing.

Ray wouldn’t even rub his nose in it… much.

He would just ignore it when Fraser stared too long at him or said stuff that referred to last night. Ray could be the bigger man here; he wasn’t going to hold Fraser to the stupid bet.

He downed the rest of his coffee and drove over to the station. Ray was still a tiny bit unsure about their first meeting but this was Fraser… compared to Fraser’s understandable freakout Ray’s probably didn’t even register.

- 27th Police Department, bullpen, 2 p.m. -

Ray was busy with a report and a bottle of whiteout – well, technically he was busy with a bottle of whiteout since there wasn’t much of a report left due to the massive amount of white patches on the paper by the time Fraser arrived.

“Hello, Ray,” Fraser said like he had countless times before and Ray’s head snapped up.

He had expected an I-am-so-incredibly-happy-to-see-you-smile or something as sappy as a wink or any of Fraser’s nervous gestures – hell, all of them combined even.

What Ray had seriously not expected was Fraser to look all… normal. He didn’t fidget, he didn’t look nervous and his face didn’t even appear carefully blank like it did when he was trying to hide something, he simply appeared content, serious and focused.

Ray hated him; just a little.

‘Breathe…’ he told himself. Had he known that this would become his mantra for the rest of the day he might have picked something a bit more creative.

This day was an utter nightmare – or to use the words Mr. Benton Dictionary Fraser would probably choose, which only seemed fair for Ray to borrow since Fraser obviously knew all about causing one, it was an ‘unmitigated disaster’.

Fraser appeared completely unfazed and Ray got jitterier with every passing hour.

He almost jumped out of his skin when Fraser leaned over him to push the button on the printer – yes, Ray knew that Fraser had done this a million times before and it had never meant anything then either, thank you!

Ray clenched his teeth, thought again ‘breathe, just breathe’ and tried to ignore the heat of Fraser’s body – did that man have to function like his own bloody furnace? – and he stubbornly ignored the way Fraser’s tongue came out again and again and again whenever he came upon something of interest in one of the files.

He didn’t see it, not even a glimpse, and he worked hard at that, dammit! Deep breaths… there you go, that’s the ticket.

He also ignored the way Fraser filled out his uniform… and the fact that Ray now knew exactly how he got out of it at night… or the way Fraser said his name – which was in all fairness completely innocent but it ambushed Ray’s mind with images of Fraser writhing beneath him and screaming his name and that just wasn’t fair play! How much could a single guy suffer and survive?

Ray remembered to ‘breathe’ a few seconds before he started to turn blue.

Ray briefly entertained the idea of looking ‘spontaneous combustion’ up on the sole principle that he would like to be prepared for at least one, single fucking thing today and this might help him to come to terms with the fate that awaited him.

This ignoring business worked just swell… if only with the slight downside that he actually didn’t manage to get a single thing Fraser was saying… or doing… because he was so busy not noticing it.

It got so bad that he heard stuff simply because he wanted to hear it.

“Ray, would you like to—“ Fraser asked concerned.

“—take me back to your place of residence after the end of your shift? I feel confident that you could provide us with some very… pleasurable… activities for stress relief,” Ray had to concentrate not to groan aloud.

His own mind was fucking with him… which, as it turned out, wasn’t much fun despite what Ray might have been led to believe.

“Huh?” He pressed out, trying to shut the voice inside of his head out.

“Ray, are you alright? You seem terribly distracted. I wanted to know if you would prefer to save the witness interview for tomorrow since it is already rather late.”

Ray nodded. He didn’t trust himself to speak… who knew what might come out?

Ray didn’t care that it wasn’t exactly 5 pm but the moment he realized that he was rubbing his wrists where Fraser had gripped him yesterday he knew that he had to get the hell outta there, like, ages ago.

- Tuesday, Ray’s couch, 8 p.m. –

Ray desperately wanted a beer but since he mostly blamed this whole disaster on the alcohol he decided to give it the cold shoulder treatment.

Let’s see how it liked that… messing with his life this way. He gave the beer bottles in his fridge the evil eye.

So he lay sprawled on his couch with the remains of a cold pizza next to him on the coffee table.

This was not casual. He knew how to spell ‘casual’ and no way did that include fantasizing the living daylights out of some guy who had no interest in a repetition;  or salivating all over himself just thinking about getting Fraser naked again.

This was so not the way casual was spelled. Casual was more like a, uh… a…carefree adventure… sex, of course… and undemanding, amazing lust. There, that’s how you spelled casual.

This was more like complete, overpowering madness… or something. He was pretty sure that he could come up with more words given enough time.

It was definitely the right time for a wank. Maybe all of this crazy would vanish afterwards and leave him in peace.

One thing Ray Kowalski absolutely knew for sure was that this could not go on.

He would put his foot down. Tomorrow Ray would get a grip on himself and everything would go back to normal.

Sometimes drastic measures had to be taken.

…and it was good thing for Ray’s peace of mind that he didn’t yet know just how drastic those were going to be.