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Author: Tatau (kaffeewespe_la@yahoo.de)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~2.260 (this part)
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not for profit
Notes: Written for the ds_aprilfools round 2011, Prompt 19: worse for the wear
Summary: prOn 😀
Status: Part 2
Warnings: angry!sex…a bit of wall slamming… but you know these two, they just have to work through this stuff

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- Monday, the hallway to Ray’s bedroom, approx.6.30pm - 

He slammed Fraser back against the nearest wall and shoved his tongue into Fraser’s mouth without any finesse. If Fraser thought he could handle this, okay, Ray would show him.

Fraser stood completely passive but he let Ray’s tongue in and Ray plundered his mouth without the least bit of care.

He pushed his hand down and groped Fraser’s crotch roughly through the damn pumpkin pants. Despite Ray’s lack of gentleness Fraser was hard against his hand.

Ray pushed his hand harder against Fraser’s erection and bit viciously at his lips. And Fraser wasn’t doing anything to stop him… God, what a rush of power… Ray felt lightheaded with the sudden control he had.

He pushed his tongue deeper into Fraser’s mouth and tried to find the button of Fraser’s pants without looking; he fumbled for a moment before he groaned in frustration and gave up.

“Damn it! Get undressed,” he snapped at Fraser.

The Mountie gave a jerky little nod and proceeded to remove the lanyard and to unbutton his tunic. He pulled it off and let it dropto the floor and the Henley wasn’t far behind.

Ray stood a foot away and watched Fraser with crossed arms. Fraser bent down to undo his laces. Ray tapped impatiently with his foot even though he had to admit that he was quite impressed with the speed with which Fraser could undress.

The boots and the socks went next to the shirt on the ground. Fraser stood up to undo his breeches but Ray didn’t want to wait anymore.

He clutched Fraser’s upper arms and pushed him right back against the wall. Ray heard the ‘thud’ when Fraser’s head hit the wall behind him but he didn’t care.

He pressed against Fraser’s body, only clad in a shirt and his stupid pants, and claimed Fraser’s bruised looking lips for another kiss. His tongue probed as deep as he could go, relishing in Fraser’s submission.

Ray released Fraser’s lips and turned Fraser’s head roughly to the side to bite at his throat and –

It hit Ray with the force of an oncoming train just how he was behaving.

Ray pulled away from Fraser with a horrified gasp…

“Oh God…” What was he doing?? His eyes snapped up to meet Fraser’s.

He expected to see hurt, mostly anger, and maybe even disgust.

Instead Fraser looked quiet and serious – a bit the worse for wear when you considered his red, bitten lips and his disheveled hair – but neither shocked nor about to sock him.

“I—“ Ray started to say, he didn’t even know what, sorry perhaps. He wrapped his arms around himself in a defensive gesture.

Fraser’s eyes lit up with intent and he crossed the newly created distance between them with one purposeful stride until he was pressed close against Ray.

Ray swallowed and Fraser…. Fraser smirked. Lightening quick Fraser had Ray’s wrists in a death grip above Ray’s head and with little effort he walked Ray backwards until he hit the wall on the opposite side of the hallway.

Ray was about to tell Fraser where he could put his bossy attitude when he felt Fraser’s lips hot against his own. And Fraser wasn’t gentle either, he pushed his tongue between Ray’s lips to taste every spot in Ray’s mouth with punishing force, with bites and licks and with no hesitation whatsoever and Ray started panting, god, he hadn’t known that he actually had a thing for angry kissing.

Fraser licked at his lips before he gave them a sharp nip. Ray cried out and Fraser had the audacity to smile self-satisfied.

Ray struggled against Fraser’s grip but there was no slack and it only ended with a tighter grip on Fraser’s part – who knocked his wrists once against the wall – just in case Ray hadn’t gotten the message who was in control here.

Fraser’s other hand reached down to cup him through his jeans and Ray had no other choice but to moan into Fraser’s mouth that had sealed itself over his lips again.

Fraser pulled his lips away and stroked again over Ray’s jeans clad erection.

“You had a lot of things in mind Ray, anything in particular that you want to try?”

And the bastard sounded so damn cocky that Ray felt pretty damn sure that the whole Mountie thing he usually pulled was just an act.

Fraser’s nimble fingers were already opening Ray’s jeans and when he reached inside Ray almost came off the wall.

“Ahh…” he croaked, trying to push his dick into Fraser’s hands.

Fraser teased the head of Ray’s cock patiently through his shorts.

“What’s it going to be, Ray?” And suddenly Ray’s mouth was full of tongue again and he groaned into the sensation. He had never felt anything as erotic as Fraser’s tongue against his own and Fraser had one hell of a pushy tongue.

Wet and messy and frickin’ perfect… Fraser pulled away again with one last lick to the corner of Ray’s mouth.

“You!” Ray groaned out.

Fraser smiled indulgently, apparently that much was obvious.

Ray gnashed his teeth together in sudden anger. “Fuck you!” he bit out and struggled uselessly against Fraser’s grip for the second time.

Fraser nodded as if Ray had made a particularly tasty decision.

“Very well.”

Ray’s eyes almost bugged out of his head. Fraser was— Fraser was offering that?

Fraser released his grip and pulled his shirt over his head. Ray could only stare at the smooth expanse of Fraser’s chest that was suddenly exposed.

Before he could touch, however, Fraser’s hands were already unbuttoning his breeches and shoving them down his legs.

Ray felt an itch in his hands to touch the man in front of him and he was absolutely helpless to stop it.

He pushed at Fraser’s shoulder and pinned him against the floor. Ray moved down on top of him, one leg between Fraser’s, pressing against his groin and all of a sudden Ray needed to taste him again.

So he delved right back into that inviting mouth and Fraser tongue came out to greet him and Ray moaned… god… he couldn’t remember the last time he had been so turned on.

He moved his hands all over Fraser’s body, mapping every inch, crawling underneath the remaining fabric to stroke and scratch at the skin there and Fraser pushed up against him and whimpered softly.

Ray pulled back to divest Fraser of his shirt and a second later he pulled his shorts off.

Benton Fraser, member of the RCMP, sprawled naked on Ray’s linoleum floor in the middle of his hallway.

And he had never looked so good.

He didn’t even look shy under Ray’s hungry gaze. He simply spread his legs a little wider and moved his hand once, slowly, over his own cock.

Ray moaned at the sight and bent down to give it a short lick. Fraser made a breathless noise and Ray licked his lips, tracing the taste.

He moved down again, pressing his fully clad body on top of Fraser’s and the whole vulnerability of this scene was turning Ray on like crazy.

Fraser groaned at the feeling of Ray’s rough clothing against his skin. He pulled the other leg out from underneath Ray to wrap both legs around Ray’s hip – and then he rocked upwards.

Ray cried out and Fraser shuddered for a moment and bit his lip.

“God, I want to fuck you,” Ray gasped.

Fraser sounded choked off when he whispered “Now.”

Ray nodded frantically and tried to help Fraser up from the floor.

Fraser went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. Ray thought for a second about leaving his clothes on… it would make the whole thing even dirtier… but that didn’t seem fair and Ray was a sucker for skin on skin contact anyway.

He undressed and once he had gotten his shirt over his head he almost stumbled. Fraser had taken the lube out of his bedside drawer and had slicked up his fingers with it.

Ray’s jaw dropped open. With a daring smile Fraser moved his hand between his legs and… pushed in. Ray’s breathing stuttered.

Fraser’s eyes closed but his fingers continued to penetrate him with deep, even strokes. He had put two fingers inside of him… and easily at that.

“Frase?” Ray’s voice sounded like sandpaper.

“Ah… mhm….?” Fraser moaned softly and Ray felt a tingle down his spine at the sound.

“I would’ve… “ Ray tried to finish the sentence but Fraser added a third finger, gasping for breath, with trembling legs and all of a sudden Ray’s mouth was too dry to go on.

“Ahh… it only takes…mh… an extra second-d… Ray!… hr… to be courteous.”

Ray was positively sure that he would never have enough spit in his mouth to swallow properly ever again.

His legs carried him closer to the bed on his own accord.

“I’m all outta seconds here, Frase,” he murmured and reached for the bottle of lube. He coated his own fingers.

He moved his hand right next to Fraser’s.

“Let me…” His voice was almost all moans.

Fraser withdrew his hand with a whimper and Ray had to close his eyes for a second to pull his shit together.

He pushed three fingers in as far as they would go, which was further than Fraser himself had been able to reach, and then he started a scissoring motion. Fraser almost came off the bed.

“AH! Ray!”

Ray’s cock felt heavy between his legs and Ray had to swallow a couple of times to get his breathing under control.

“I-I need, Fraser… I need,” Ray gasped.

“Yes… Ray… “ and Fraser drew his name out and spread his legs even further.

Ray pulled his hand away and moved on top of Fraser. He looked at Fraser’s face and was momentarily speechless when he saw the look on his face. Completely fucked out, there wasn’t a single clever sentence left.

That looked like pure feeling and Ray was a bit proud to have put that expression there.

He slicked his cock up and positioned himself. He pushed in slowly but it was still a tight fit.

He looked at Fraser’s strained face and bent down to press a few kisses to Fraser’s sweat soaked chest.

“Hey…” he murmured. “Relax, Fraser… ‘m not going to hurt ya…” Fraser smiled slightly.

“I know, Ray.” And he sounded so damn sure that Ray felt weak in the knees for a second.

But it still seemed to hurt so Ray stretched carefully to plant a kiss on Fraser’s lips.

His lips moved softly against Fraser’s and he couldn’t remember if they had kissed this gently before… Fraser’s lips felt as soft as silk from all the wetness, “Fraser…” he whispered, “God, you’re so beautiful…” and Ray felt how he could push slightly deeper, how Fraser tried to relax.

“Let go…” he whispered and then on sudden inspiration he added “Ben…” and Fraser gasped and the kiss turned suddenly urgent and Ray’s arms were shaking with the effort not to move but Fraser hooked his legs behind Ray’s back and pulled and Ray cried out.

“Oh god… Fraser… Ben… so good…”

And Fraser was chanting his own litany, “Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray…” over and over again.

Ray moved Ben’s left leg over his shoulder and felt his dick slide in that inch deeper. He gasped and moved down to kiss Fraser again.

It was a bit uncomfortable from the angle but it was a need that Ray had to satisfy, there was no maybe about it.

On the next in-stroke Fraser froze and moaned loudly. Ray tried to grin but it looked more like a grimace from the effort to keep going

Ray tried to keep the angle going and if Fraser’s yells were anything to go by he was rather successful at it.

Languidly, Fraser opened his eyes again. Ray gasped at the desire he saw there, he literally drowned in it. “Ray…please,” Fraser moaned softly and Ray nodded, completely speechless.

His fingers curled around Fraser’s cock and pumped in time to his thrusts. He slammed in again and Fraser arched his back and came with a shout.

Ray was pretty sure that he would never forget this image of Fraser, squeezing his eyes closed, mouth open and lips red, shouting for release with every muscle tightly wound.

He was so mesmerized that his own orgasm almost took him by surprise. The sheer force from it felt to Ray as if it had been pulled up from underneath his feet.

He collapsed on top of Fraser who closed his arms around him and whispered nonsensical stuff into his ear, “thank you…”, “so good…”, “…oh, Ray…”

Ray must have drifted off for when he opened his eyes the next time he was alone in his bed.

- Tuesday, Ray’s bed, way before dawn - 

He swallowed the sudden stale taste in his mouth down and looked around… not because he was hoping that Fraser was still there, just to make sure that he had left.

Yep, no question about it. The apartment was as quiet as a church and all of Fraser’s clothes were gone.

Ray felt hollow.

But that had nothing to do with Fraser’s departure. He was hungry… probably. Or he still needed a few hours of sleep.

Ray was fine with Fraser leaving. This had been a casual fling, he had not expected cuddling or breakfast together.

He had not.

Not even a little.