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Author: Tatau (kaffeewespe_la@yahoo.de)
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: R
Words: ~1.600 (this part)
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not for profit
Notes: Written for the ds_aprilfools round 2011, Prompt 21: casual
Summary: Ray foolishly declares that he’s looking for a fuck-buddy and Fraser volunteers
Status: Part 1/6 (complete)
Warnings: Cliché like whoa… the jury is still out on whether that’s better or worse

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- Monday, Ray’s living room, end of shift -

“Fraser, how often do I have to tell ya? You don’t do casual, exclamation mark!” Ray shouted in frustration.

Fraser’s brow creased in annoyance.

“And how would you know that, Ray, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Garrrhhh!” Ray felt a gigantic headache coming on, just great.

“We’ve been over this, dammit! Because you—“ he stabbed at Fraser with two fingers of his left hand, “do nothing by halves. You want the whole shebang, the romance, the feelings, the wining and dining, the—“

Fraser didn’t even let him finish. “I find this tremendously presumptuous on your part, Ray.”

Why, oh why, did Ray have to confess to the Mountie that his pathetic sex life was driving him batshit? Even though he supposed that something as non-existent as his sex life couldn’t even be pathetic for lack of, uh, existing.

Ah yes, he remembered there was a reason why he didn’t drink around Fraser.

- Last Saturday, Ray’s apartment, 1:24 am,
2 shots of whiskey and 3 and a half beer later – 

He wasn’t even all that drunk, not yet anyway. Maybe one more and then he would be… that didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

God, he was so damn tired of being his own fate’s private jester. He felt sorry for himself and self-pity wasn’t all that high up on his list of attractive features.

Ray needed a woman… sex, with anyone, didn’t really matter with whom. Last guy was quite awhile ago but Ray figured his body would probably still know what to do.

And hey, why not call it a party and invite every one of Ray’s friends over to witness Ray’s new all-time low – which basically meant the Mountie because Ray didn’t have that many friends.

At least he had the divorce and his life as Ray Vecchio to blame for that. A man who can smile when something goes wrong knows who to blame for it. He grinned with a bitter touch.

So this was basically exactly what happened. As if the Mountie had sensed that Ray was sinking he had dropped by just in time for the climax of Ray’s pity party. Greatness, and here he had thought he couldn’t sink any lower.

But of course, Fraser was full of sympathy and even though he really couldn’t approve of Ray’s alcohol abuse, yadda yadda da, he understood, really.

Yeah… right.

This understanding was Ray’s downfall for it had him spilling his guts even though he really hadn’t intended to because Ray was a champion in wallowing in self-pity – he had the scars to prove it – he was second to none when it came to spending some quality time being miserable.

But Fraser had these big, ‘lay it all on me’ eyes and was acting all comforting and it felt nice so Ray thought ‘what the hell’.

What the hell indeed had possessed him to entrust Fraser with the knowledge of his favorite coping mechanism?

It went something like this:

“Ray, don’t you know that I am familiar with loneliness?”

And Ray had bitched back that, yeah, he knew, but loneliness wasn’t exactly what he was talking about here.

“Ah. So what is it you are talking about then?”

“Sex.” Yeah, Ray knew, too, that this was the moment of his doom.

There went the rub of the eyebrow and the licking of the lips.

“I see. Anything in particular?” Fraser said all ‘I-might-have-read-some-scientific-article-on-the-topic’ like.

And Ray was maybe a little bit drunk because he was so sick of it and Fraser had asked for it, after all.

He took a deep breath and sighed.

“I need a fuck-buddy.”

Fraser’s eyebrows flew up. “Ah,” he sounded a little shocked.

“Yeah, didn’t want to offend you with my crude lingo or anything. It’s just…” Ray waved his hand around in a remarkably eloquent gesture, “every man needs sex, right?”

“Well—“ Fraser started to say but Ray wasn’t really waiting for an answer. He was on a roll here and he even had an audience for it.

“And I’m a man so I need sex… now and again anyway. But relationships are a lot of work and my luck seems to be in really bad shape and I’m damaged goods anyway,” Ray went on.

“Ray, I don’t think—“ Fraser tried to get a word in but he was again interrupted by Ray.

“No, no, you see, I don’t even need a relationship. Not worth the hassle anyway. But god… I’d like a fuck. Just a casual thing… you know? Heh, maybe not,” Ray smirked.

“Whatever, it works for me. Maybe with someone who likes me, or even finds me attractive? Just a bit?” Ray sounded wistful und Fraser looked deeply hurt on his friend’s behalf.

“I think you’re selling yourself short. A relationship—“

“Is not what I need right now, Fraser. I need sex. I need bone deep exhaustion after a good fuck,” Ray interjected.

Fraser opened his mouth and closed it again a second later.

“Ah, do you have any preference for this kind of arrangement?” Fraser asked in a serious voice.

Ray thought about this for a while but the alcohol was making his brain a bit sluggish.

“Nah, don’t think so. Could be anyone… at least, could be right now.”

“I see.” There was moment’s pause. “Even me?”

And Ray couldn’t help it he broke into peals of laughter, real guffaws until the tears started to stream down his cheeks. Fraser? Yeah, right.

Fraser looked hurt and Ray tried to get a grip.

“Sorry, buddy, didn’t wanna hurt your feelings here but you did listen to me, right? About the sex stuff and everything?”

Fraser looked annoyed.

“Yes, Ray. You said you wanted to have meaningless sex with someone, and that it could very well be anyone available. So I ask you again, what about me?”

Ray blinked. And blinked again. Fraser was still sitting in front of him in his own living room. He was not hallucinating this.

“Uhm… you? Wanna have sex with me?”

“This is what I have been offering, yes,” Fraser explained as if to someone a bit slow.

“But why?” Ray spluttered.

“I like you, I happen to find you attractive and… I am acquainted with loneliness, Ray,” Fraser said this like it was completely obvious why he should offer.

Which it was not. Definitely not.

“Now?” Ray almost shouted he was so taken aback by the offer.

“Well,” Fraser rubbed his eyebrow again, “it would seem appropriate to wait for you to be sober. I wouldn’t want to feel I was taking advantage of your inebriated state.”

“Uh-hu,” Ray said dumbfounded.

“Frase… you don’t do casual sex,” he said gently. Because he felt that, hey, at least one of them should remind him.

“And you happen to be an expert on this, I take it?” And who would’ve thought the Mountie would get snarky?

Ray blushed slightly.

“Hey… you’re always going on about ‘prudence’ and ‘courtesy’ and ‘proper preparation’… I don’t see you having a fling with some chick… uh… or guy I guess.”

“I assure you I am capable of limiting my affection to a purely physical level,” he seemed to debate something before he corrected, “to sex.”

Ray’s eyes felt as wide as saucers and he wasn’t sure if that was because Fraser had just said ‘sex’ or if it was because he was talking about casual sex in general or even because it had sounded as if Fraser might have more ‘affection’ for him.

“Fraser…. This is a stupid idea.”

“Would you care to elaborate on the flaws in this plan? It fits all the requirements and it consists of fully willing participants.”

Ray gaped at Fraser.

“Tell you what; let’s talk about this when I’m sober because right now this makes entirely too much sense.”

And that had been it for the night. But Fraser had brought it up again on Sunday and Ray had been seriously tempted to call the guys with the straightjackets because that was more than a little unhinged, especially for Fraser.

- Monday, Ray’s living room, shortly before 6 pm –

“You wanna fuck me, Fraser? You wanna get down and dirty with me? Or even better yet, you wanna be writhing beneath me? Sucking my dick until you choke?”

Ray was appalled by his own behavior but he needed Fraser to get this, this wasn’t a walk in the park they were talking about.

And if it took hurting him then God help him, he would.

But Fraser only looked angry.

“Ray, it is completely unnecessary to make this arrangement sound so degrading. I can assure you that I am fully aware what you meant when you said that you wanted to have casual sex.”

Ray’s mouth opened and closed without a sound coming out. He could not believe that he was having this discussion with Fraser of all people.

He needed to find the right words that would make Fraser realize what a moronic idea this was.

“What if I want it degrading, huh? What if I want it harsh and dirty, Fraser? Because I tell you, we can just leave it alone and no one has to get hurt.”

Fraser had that stubborn glint in his eyes that Ray hated, hated, hated because he always lost against it and it was driving him insane – which was probably a good thing ‘cause if this continued he could definitely use a bit insanity to battle all of this weirdness.

“Well, Ray, why don’t we find out? Which I am quite sure I have been offering for the last two days.”

Ray was speechless for a second.

“You wanna bet on this? You wanna bet that you can do casual?” He challenged.

“Ray, you know very well that I don’t gamble,” Fraser retorted.

“Too ba—“

“Fine,” Fraser ground out.

And before he could think about it, Ray had fisted his hand into Fraser’s tunic and pulled him close for a bruising kiss.